Snapshots of Croatia: 3 unique Places to Visit in Croatia

Its incredible variety and endless beauty make it so difficult to choose what places to visit in Croatia. Little islands spread everywhere across its 1800 km of turquoise coastline, sandy and pebbly beaches perfect for sunbathing all day long, impressive sightseeing and towns displaying centuries of history to explore. To not to mention the delicious Croatian cuisine... Continue Reading →

Best boating destinations to uncover in Italy

Italy is renowned for its best boating, exciting water activities and nautical lifestyle. There are plenty of popular destinations for on-water getaways you must discover. Therefore, if you want to dream big and plan a boating vacation for 2017, Italy has it all. Venice Situated on the north end of the Adriatic Sea, Venice is... Continue Reading →

Posidonia in Balearics, a treasure to be preserved

Enjoy your hire boat whilst also protecting the environment Posidonia is an aquatic plant that is endemic to the Mediterranean. It has similar characteristics to land plants, blossoming in autumn and producing floating fruits in spring that are colloquially knows as “sea olives”. This aquatic plant forms marine meadows and has enormous ecological importance, as,... Continue Reading →

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