3 Exclusive Things to See in Corsica and France

Corsica or South of France? The rugged coastline and steep gorges of Corsica or the jet-set resort towns and scenic islands of the Côte d’Azur? It doesn’t matter what will you choose, because you will find plenty of attractions to see both in Corsica an in France. The two countries offer some of the most idyllic scenery of the Mediterranean.

Coves, sparkling water, white beaches, peaceful anchorages and charming fishing villages with picturesque old ports are all around. Just take a look at our 3 Exclusive things to see in Corsica and France by boat!

Rondinara beach (Corsica)

Unusual beachgoers

Rondinara Beach in Corsica, with two cows, one lying down and the other standing up

Everybody knows Corsica for its astonishing beaches, stunning views and charming villages and cities, but did you know that you can find cows on its shores?

Rondinara beach is the perfect place for anchoring your boat. During the summer this beach is the favourite place of some unusual bathers: cows! It’s hilarious to see them sunbathing like any other tourist. But remember, they are susceptible animals, and they want to lay and plunge like any other. So it’s better not to get too close to them or try to take a selfie!

Imagine yourself laying on a white sand beach and enjoying a crystal-clear sea surrounded by the typical cliffs of its landscape, with these gracious animals around you. Definitely, an experience to live once in your life!

Gorge du Verdon (France)

The European Canyon

Gorge du Verdon,France, with Verdon river passing through two steep rocks

Located 100 km off the Mediterranean coast, the Gorge du Verdon is dramatically beautiful! Or rather, it is one of the most beautiful river valleys in Europe. It is 25 km long and goes through Haute-Provence’s limestone plateau to the foothills of the Alps. The name comes from its brilliant turquoise-green water. The trails that run along the gorges offer breathtaking landscapes, beautiful walking routes and wonderful perched villages that enchant all its visitors.

You’ll be struck by an imposing landscape dotted with ancient villages and plunging cliffs that, in some places, can reach up to 700 m. That’s why there are thousands of visitors every year who come to hike the spectacular road trip around the edge of the gorge, but also there are more adventurous tourists.

Indeed, it is a destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts from all over the world since they can practice trekking, climbing the canyon walls, mountain biking or rafting. Not only is this a gorgeous place, but it is a corner where you can have a lot of fun too!

The “Corniche d’Or” (France)

Paths to discover

Red rocks of Massif de l'Esterel, plunging into the sea and its panoramic road called Corniche d'or

Do you know which is one of the most beautiful roads in France? Here you have the answer. The famous “Corniche d’Or” connecting Mandelieu-La Napoule to Saint-Raphaël! It was opened in 1903, but it had already been used by the Romans 2000 years earlier and was then called “Via Aurelia”.

This panoramic road goes along the seaside and the Massif de l’ Esterel Mass, a 280 million years old volcanic mass. The view offers striking scenery, mixing up the red of the volcanic mass, the green of its lush vegetation and the blue of the Mediterranean sea.

The Corniche d’Or is an excellent opportunity for a sightseeing cruise and to explore the unparalleled charm of these astonishing surroundings.

In Short…

The French Riviera is one of the most beautiful and famous spots in the Mediterranean. No wonder why! It is an astonishing landscape of turquoise waters, mountains, pleasant villages and exquisite historic city centres!

Corsica, a flower amid the Mediterranean, stands out for its diverse landscapes and stunning views. You can enjoy the panorama of its beaches and natural parks from impressive cliffs over the sea, and let yourself go by the alluring of its small towns and sophisticated cities.

Both offer a unique harmony that will make for a relaxed and enchanting holiday. It will surely steal your heart!

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