3 Exclusive Things to See in Croatia by Boat

No wonder why so many people choose Croatia for their summer holidays. With its endless beaches and the incredible amount of islands of all sort and sizes, Croatia is a paradise for sailors and beachgoers. However, not only the beaches seduce all its visitors. Its medieval towns are truly architectural treasures and are among the best things to see in this summer destination. Also, they blend perfectly with the dreamlike landscapes that accommodate some of the greenest natural parks in Europe, lakes, and waterfalls… who wouldn’t like to enjoy a day over there?

Indeed, in the last decades, Croatia has become one of the most glamorous destinations of the Mediterranean with a vast array of entertainment for every kind of traveller and ages.

There are some many reasons to love this country! So let’s look at our selection of 3 exclusive things to see in Croatia with your boat.

Zadar and Kornati Islands

Adriatic jewels

Aerial shot of Zadar's old town, with its characteristic red roofs, and of its port with numerous moored boat.

Zadar is one of the most famous towns in Croatia. Here, the ancient and the modern shape a charming contrast and create an exciting atmosphere. It is an adorable and welcoming city port that emerges from the Adriatic Sea, that will make your summer night promenades memorable. The best thing to do in Zadar is sure to get lost in the Old Town passing through the seafront. Here you will stumble upon Roman ruins, and Venetian architecture, historical ramparts, and contemporary art installations. It will be an exciting opportunity to discover the real Croatian culture and see the major attractions of the town.

Zadar lies in front of a group of 147 islands and islets, famous for making up the biggest archipelago of the Adriatic Sea, Kornati Islands. Also known as the “nautical paradise”, it constitutes an immense and marvellous natural park. Its green mountains, lakes, cascades and breathtaking landscape will make for an unforgettable view. A beauty that will make you feel like exploring fairytales-like places.

Lokrum Island

The best things come in small packages

Aerial view of Lokrum island in the middle of the Adriatic sea with a little part of Dubrovnik's harbour and walls on the right

With an area of ​​just 2 km², Lokrum is a small island in size but big in history and natural treasures, only 10 minutes far from the Old Port of Dubrovnik. It is a peaceful oasis far from the hustle and bustle of the peak of Croatia’s high season. Indeed, the thing that surprises all the visitors is the complete absence of hotels, buildings and resident inhabitants.

Because of its perimeter, you might think there are limited options for entertainment. But it has a lot of lovely sights and activities you can enjoy! The island is a protected natural sanctuary that offers scenic and quiet hiking trails full of points of interest: the Dead Sea, the ruins of the Benedictine monastery and Fort Royal and lots of rare plants and trees spread across the island or preserved in the Botanical Garden.

If you are looking for things to see in Croatia a fan of spots away from the crowds, here you have the solution! Head to the beautiful and peaceful island of Lokrum!

Dugi Otok

Inspired by nature

View of Knornati Island from above


Croatia is all about crystal clear water, impressive beaches, pristine nature, and unforgettable sightseeing, and the island of Dugi Otok doesn’t make an exception! Dugi Otok, which means “Long Island”, is the largest of the northern Dalmatian islands, with a length of about 45 km. Often, it is overlooked for its more popular sisters, Kornati Islands. But, Dugi Otok is a quiet and peaceful place for embracing nature and enjoying its gorgeous beaches.

However, it is not only suitable for relaxation since there are so many things to do and see here! Dugi Otok offers a Nature Park of extreme beauty called Telašćica, or Telašćica Bay, that will leave you speechless. The bay is surrounded by 13 islands and islets that offer a stunning contrast between the high cliffs on one side and a secluded sandy coastline on the other. However, it’s not easy to get an idea by simply reading the description or seeing some images! You have to see it to appreciate this natural masterpiece!

In Short…

Magnificent old towns, impressive city walls, national parks that look like they’re out of a fairy tale, crystal clear water and entertainment, in one word: Croatia! Furthermore, summer in this fabulous area lasts from May to September, so you can take advantage of the long sailing season. Its sunny beaches and crystal-clear waters are ideal for a wide range of activities such as diving, snorkelling or swimming. Are you still thinking about where to go on holidays? Choose Croatia and set sail to see its beauty! 


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