3 Exclusive Things to See in Greece by Boat

This summer would you like to find yourself between two worlds and enjoy modern amenities and ancient remnants? Well, in Greece you can you have it all in just one cruise!

Mainly characterised by sun-bleached beaches, Greece will welcome with a variety of treasures and some of the most appealing attractions in the world: a rich historical heritage, fashionable restaurants and shops, along with its picturesque towns and hospitable villagers.

Not to mention the numerous culinary delicacies and the typical tasty local products that you can explore every day and will arouse your senses to the fullest! Probably, it would be better suited a guide of thousands of pages to know about all the attractions to see in Greece and what to eat. But, for now, let’s focus on three places in three different areas.

Thus, sit back and enjoy our 3 exclusive things to see in Greece while sailing onboard your private yacht!

Halkidiki – A hidden Aegean treasure

Panorama of a seaside white village in Greece with mountains

Made up of three capes, Halkidiki belongs to our selection of things to see in Greece. It is a singular peninsula shaped like Poseidon’s trident that stands out in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. It belongs to Central Macedonia, and it raises from the mainland near Thessaloniki. Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos are the three sub-peninsula that extends towards the south, also known as the three fingers.

They stick out with their green forests of pine trees, reaching right down the golden sandy beaches. This lush greenery offers a natural shadow to all its bathers ticked away from the rest of the world.

The natural landscape perfectly combines with the traditional villages and historical sites. All together, they create an intriguing destination of rare natural beauty and magical coastlines.

Myrtos Beach – Mythical Beauty

Cliffs plunging into crystal clear sea of Myrthos Beach in Kefalonia, Greece, with three anchored boats

It is almost impossible to guess which is the best beach in Greece, but surely Kefalonia has some of them. The biggest island of the Ionian archipelago is indeed well-known for being the home to lots of breathtaking beaches. Myrtos Beach is undoubtedly a serious contender.

This place makes one of the most beautiful spots in Greece and around the world. It consists of impressive white, cliffs plunging into a marvellous stretch of sand. On top of that, the lush vegetation and the turquoise waters will make you feel like in a postcard.

This must-see lies at the feet of a tall mountain in the region of Pylaros, in north-west Kefalonia. On the white cobbled shore, there is a little bar. However, if you want to have a typical Greek drink or meal, you should go up on the cliff where there are several traditional Greek restaurants.

Navagio Beach – A Rising Past

Aerial view of Navagio Beach in Zakynthos, Greece, with the shipwreck, white rocks covered in trees on top, turquoise sea, and four boats anchored

The Ionian Islands shelter one place that stands out as one of the most beautiful in the world: the beach of Navagio. Located in the western side of Zakynthos, it is famous for its unique tall, cliffs and turquoise waters. But not only! The shipwreck in the middle of the shore adds a magical touch that not many locations have.

In 1980, the MV Panagiotis, a commercial boat, was sailing across the Ionian Islands during a stormy night. The ship ran aground in the place that is today known as ‘Navagio’ (literally, ‘shipwreck’ in Greek). It is also said that it was a smuggling ship exporting cigarettes, alcohol, and humans. Most of the vessel is still visible as it lies right on the shore.

Navagio Beach is one of the most photographed beaches in the world, and with no doubt, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

In short…

This country always makes for the perfect destination for your holidays. From the hilltops to the traditional villages and archaeological sites, you will have a lot of things to see in Greece!

Of course, the beaches have the most idyllic conditions to perform a vast array of activities: sunbathing, hiking, diving and snorkelling! In a few words, it is an oasis of colourful sceneries that you can revel in as much as you wish.

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