3 Exclusive Things to See in Italy by Boat

Are you keen on rocky coastlines, silky-sanded beaches, blue waters, awe-inspiring culture, and excellent food? If the answer is yes, Italy is the right place to take a break from everything! There are so many things to see in Italy, that you would need months to visit them all. But, no matter the location, they all have that “something special” that will captivate you forever.

Italy is a synonym of culture, heavenly beaches, nature and gastronomy.  But also, a vast array of colours, aromas and tastes, thousands of sensations and experiences that only these country can offer. What more would you need for your holidays?

Keep reading to know 3 exclusive things to see in Italy to plan your sailing trip and choose which one you like most for your next holidays!

Palmarola Island – An Italian Secret

Palmarola, Pontine islands, covered in green vegetation and some boats anchored in the Thyrrenian sea

How do you imagine a paradise for boaters? An almost uninhabited island and a wild beauty made of rocky coasts, massive crags, impressive cliffs, caverns, and hidden caves? Then, you can admire all these stunning features sailing around Palmarola Island!

You can find Palmarola in the Tyrrhenian Sea, just one hour away from Rome. It belongs to the Pontine Islands, and many sailors consider it one of the most beautiful isles of the Mediterranean.

The island is a nature reserve that has ruins of prehistoric villages, a medieval monastery, and its distinctive flora and fauna. You won’t find anything else but an unspoiled landscape, a peaceful silence, and a network of narrow paths. There are no roads, no shops nor cars on Palmarola. Only boats can surround this paradise and contemplate the best of the Mediterranean sea, climate, and vegetation!

Nuraghi – The Ancient Spirit of Sardinia

Megalithic building made of stones called Nuraghi, typical of Sardinia, with blue sky on the background

Sardinia is often called a small paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean. Impressive coasts and white beaches are the renowned symbols of this fantastic island. But numerous other places are worth discovering! Among them, the Nuraghi are undoubtedly the most mysterious. What are these architectural marvels?

The Nuraghi are stone towers built during the Nuragic Age between 1900 and 700 BC. You won’t find these constructions anywhere else. The expression “Nuragic civilization” embrace various small communities of shepherds and farmers who lived in Sardinia for eight centuries, but whose legacy is still present so far.

There are about 7.000 Nuraghi all over the island. However, their origin and purpose remain unknown, and the debate over their function among scientists and archaeologists is still open. Fortresses, palaces, temples, tombs or places of worship? There is no answer to these questions yet, but you can be sure to find the true symbol of Sardinia and its distinctive culture.

Punta delle Colonne – Natural Wonder

Columns of Carloforte at San Pietro Island, Sardinia, with a boat sailing on the background
Credit: Flickr- Rosella Melis

If you have decided to go to Sardinia, why don’t you add an exciting stop to your itinerary? We are speaking about an extraordinary place in the southern part of San Pietro Island.

The capital, Carloforte, shelters one of the most alluring wonders you can find in the island: Punta delle Colonne, also called the Columns of Carloforte. They constitute an amazing natural marvel that in April 1993 became a Natural Monument. They literally seem to rise from the sea. Until 2010, when a violent storm took place, they were both 16 meters-tall. Since then, only one remained untouched.

Furthermore, this suggestive natural spot is surrounded by a set of cliffs plunging into the sea, and also by promontories and coves that will make the views from your boat even more awe-inspiring.

There are many legends about the creation of these columns. Some say that Paul the apostle transformed two sea monsters into rocks to protect the island; others tell that two sailors were turned into columns as a divine punishment.

Whatever is the origin, it is undoubtedly a superb place that deserves a stopover!

In short…

Different beaches, water tones, people, landscapes, culture, and tradition for a unique experience called Italy. With its wide variety of areas, you can be sure that your holidays will be exactly as you want to be!

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