3 Exclusive Things to See in Turkey by Boat

Turkey is a fascinating corner in the east of the Mediterranean. Beautiful beaches, natural parks and plenty of places of interest where there is only room for fun. Every single corner of its coastline is the perfect place to sunbathe, enjoy the turquoise blue water, and roaming among the numerous things to see of this country! Also, snorkelling, a quiet stroll through its colourful streets, and the savoury Turkish food are experiences that you must have if you visit this country.

If you’re planning to sail in Turkey this year with your family or friends, keep reading to know some destinations that you should consider for your sailing route!

Here you have a brief list of three exclusive things to see while sailing in Turkey!

Pamukkale –  Sailing through history

siede view of Pamukkale, Turkey, with its basine terraces of limestone

Pamukkale is an extraordinary geological phenomenon located near Denizli, in southwestern Turkey. It is also called the “Cotton Castle”, because of the white, cottony appearance of the mineral bath and terraces. It consists of brilliant white travertines made up of limestone at the mouth of the springs. They create a sort of petrified waterfalls and a series of terraced basins.

Indeed, its name refers to the surface of the shimmering, snow-white limestone, shaped over millennia by calcium-rich springs. Tectonic movements also triggered frequent earthquakes in this area and gave rise to several boiling springs. The water from these springs created Pamukkale, a surreal landscape at the end of the 2nd century B.C.

The kings of Pergamon (dynasty of the Attalids) established here the first thermal spa of Hierapolis. Today, it is a magical place where you can relax and sunbathe, enjoy these mineral-rich swimming pools and their curative properties. But not only, because Pamukkale is a small place, but there are so many stunning spots around! Like Cleopatra’s Thermal Pools and the Ruins of Hierapolis, that one day spent there will make your holiday unforgettable!

Kabak – Breathing Peace

Bay between rocks and turquoise sea called Kabak beach in Turkey
Photo Credit: Flickr – Windcrag

If you are looking for something secluded in Turkey, here you have the right tip for you! Kabak near Fethiye is a stunning, breathtaking place still unknown to tourists and locals too. Kabak area is divided into two sections, the proper settlement along the mountainside and the guesthouses nearer the coast, surrounded by pine groves and waterfalls.

You will adore this place for its magnificent canyon and spectacular beach. Visitors especially love it for its chill, back-to-nature vibes that you will feel in the atmosphere. You can also take some yoga classes from some guesthouses! Indeed there is not too much to do at Kabak, apart from enjoying the landscape, the sun, the sea and pleasant idleness.

Myra Necropolis – Between Dream and Reality

 Historic attraction made of tombs built inside the rocks called Myra necropolis, Turkey,
Photo Credit: January, James, Eowyn, and Kay Ford

When you will see this place, you won’t believe your eyes! But yes, it does exist! A city of the dead carved into the hillside of Southern Turkey. This is Myra Necropolis, the principal city of the ancient Lycian league, today known as Demre. The Lycian League has left a tremendous historical legacy throughout the southwestern coast of Turkey, and Myra is one of these cities that preserve its carved tombs.

The aspect of the facades of the tombs is still majestic due to pediments, columns and temples perfectly conserved, and that makes it even more suggestive. When the graves were discovered, they were painted with red, green and yellow colours. However, very few of those bright colours are evident today. The Lycians used to build these constructions in honour of noble families and thus remains a testimony of the city’s flourishing wealth.

These tombs date back to 4th century BCE, but why did they build monuments into these cliffs? Because they thought that a wing like a creature would transport the dead to the afterlife.

In Short…

Turkey is a country that embraces its visitors as soon as they set foot on it: sparkling blue sea, lush green hills and emblematic ruins of different cultures everywhere.

Its beauty blends perfectly with the inviting atmosphere that you find in its streets, people, culture, traditions and sunny weather. All together will make for a truly breathtaking landscape.




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