The 5 Best Sailing Playlists

It is said that each memory has a soundtrack of its own. So, why don’t we add some rhythm to your sailing vacation? Picture yourself enjoying the best sunsets, trying the tastiest dishes onboard and listening to the waves mix with some special tracks. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

So, why not adding some heart-palpitating beats to your sailing vacation? We have cooked up five different compilations, each of them with 20 curated tracks to evoke different emotions, accompany your moods and spice your moments onboard! Whatever your favourite music genre or personal taste is, you will find your own special melody for this unforgettable boat adventure! Just press play and enjoy!

Mixtape #1: Tropical Vibes

If you’re escaping from the cold by exploring the Bahamas, Cuba or any other tropical vacation, or you want to feel like sailing the Caribbean sea, this is the right playlist for you! It is an ensamble of American musicians that will take you back in time! Enjoy the most popular styles  and experience the peak of this music with rhythms such as son, mambo, Latin jazz, bolero or boogaloo.

It features renowned bops and go-tos from artists like Celia Cruz to Pete Rodriguez, to more contemporary artists such as the Dominican Vicente García. Let yourself go with the hottest groove and have some fun while dancing to these tracks! We’re sure your feet will move on their own!

Mixtape #2: Old but Gold

Playing this playlist feels like digging up the most precious treasure! No matter where in the world you’re from or what your mother tongue is, these tracks are universal anthems and you’ll automatically sing along as if you were born knowing the lyrics!

This is the perfect mixtape to boost your mood from early morning — you will face your day with a much more positive outlook! Or you can also play it at night and start dancing in the moonlight, as King Harvest‘s song suggests! You’ll love this mix of beloved oldies, classics and throwbacks! Imagine yourself docking on an island and singing on an island in the sun, we’ll be playing and having fun, and it makes me feel so fine I can’t control my brain…

Mixtape #3: Beach Beats

If the last playlist was a energy booster, this one will make your boat vacation feel like a party! Go on deck with this songs playing in the background, watch the waves gently crash to the sound of music, admire the glare of the sun on the surface of the sea and feel the breeze on your face… This will hit you differently, like a welcome escape.

It is difficult for us to to enclose the variety of sounds in a particular genre, but we could say they all somehow sound like a mix of house, techno, alternative, dance, electronic and dream pop. Well, if you are curious, you can find out for yourself! This roundup includes bands from around the world: the Spanish Blanco Palamera, the Canadian Caribou, the French Polo & Pan, the British Bonobo and even the Korean Peggy Gou! Press play and sail the whole globe!

Mixtape #4: Late Night Chill

Accompany your late evening or cocktail party onboard with some relaxing piped music! What music genres will you find in this cozy playlist? We’d say nu jazz, ambient pop, downtempo, blues and even some indie folk and electronic!

Prepare your favorite drink and snack and get comfortable to let yourself be carried away by the sound of the synthesizer and the waves! We imagine ourselves lying on the deck, watching the reflection of the moon, feeling the rocking of the sea and holding a glass of the best wine. Enjoy the most relaxing tracks by Kavinsky, The xx, Foals, Jai Paul and Childish Gambino, among many others!

Mixtape #5: Sunny Day Tunes

Now this is the ultimate mood-boosting compilation — in fact, this one is the complete opposite of the above suggestion! These are the perfect staples to listen to as you approach the coast of your next sailing destination. Lift your spirits with 72 minutes of surf music, alternative rock and jangle pop!

The sound of Crystal Fighters, Mac DeMarco, The Drums, Yellow Days (and many others) will feel like sand in places it shouldn’t be, a light sunburn, surfing on a warm day and running down to the beach in a summer day. Do you want your boat vacation feel like the best independent movie? Play this mixtape and let it be the soundtrack of some unforgettable memories at sea!

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