5 reasons to charter Last Minute

The way to Itaca wasn’t easy for Ulysses… nevertheless, and luckily for us, times have changed and with today’s boats you’ll have no problems in getting to this desired spot. In our section Last Minute we make it easy for you.

Just imagina a group of friends, an unexplored spot, an irresistible and a boat only for you. Tempting idea, isn’t it? If you never thought about it, change the chip! This dream is at reach for you…. browse through our last minute offers and find the best deal for your summer dream holiday and set sails.

Still hesitating? We give you 5 unbeatable reasons:

1. You are one of those who book their holidays in the last moment.

You love to travel, but for one reason or another, you can’t decide on where to go. Near, far, beach, mountains, one city or two, three… a country… you want to relax but see everything. By plane, train, car… why not by boat? With the last minute offers you can have it all enjoying the liberty the sea offers you. Definitely a holiday without limits!

2. You don’t fancy staying in one place. You love to change direction.

Let the anchor go wherever you like. You are the captain of your holidays and nobody but knows better how to conduct them then you and your crew. At BoatBureau we have great last minute deals for hundreds of incredible destinations. We start the summer crossing the Mediterranean. Remember the the best known places still hide little unspoilt spots to explore if you access to them by sea. Like this you can discover these secret places out of reach for normal tourists. Be on alert, the offers are last minute!

3. You want to do big trips but saving money.

With our last minute deals, you can travel one week as a group for less than 200 € per person, accommodation included and sharing costs. Who’d tell that it  can be cheaper to rent a boat than to book several hotel rooms? Shatter your preconceived notions: sailing isn’t a luxury only affordable for a few lucky ones. The sea now more than ever is yours and it’s at your feet.

4. You don’t like to wait.

Forget about waiting, the answers you never get and all the bureaucracy. BoatBureau will manage your request immediately so you will have your boat within 24 hrs. You need a skipper? No problem, just ask us about it. We will find one for you.

5. This summer you are the king of the networks.

Tired of seeing photos of your friends and family relaxing on beautiful beaches? In our last minute section we start the summer season in the #Mediterranean: Lefkadas, Cyclades and Corfu will tell you the beautiful story of Ulysses, the famous Greek adventurer, you will sail to the islands and cities of Croatia with their ineffable names Split, Biograd, Sibenik, Trogir, Sukosan, Pula, Zadar, Dubrovnik; discover la bella Italia, the city of Gods and the Gymnesian Islands… from now on, with BoatBureau, no marina will appear the same to you.

You won’t regret it! The sea, the world’s major attraction, is waiting for you this summer.

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