ELAN GT6: the Brand New Flagship Model Designed by Porsche

What can come out when an outstanding yacht manufacturer and an iconic automobile manufacturer work together? Certainly, something great. And that’s what will happen this year with the remarkable collaboration between the Slovenian shipyard Elan and the German studio Porsche from which the new Elan GT6 was born. This brand new and luxury 49 feet sailboat literally redefine the modern concept of sailboats and high-performance cruises.

What’s so interesting about the new Elan GT6?

With these words the Studio FA Porsche website presents this product on its website:

‘Inspired by Nature and Technology

Combining nature and technology on the high seas to create a unique water sports experience is the idea behind the design of the new Elan GT6 sailing yacht. At 49 feet (15 meters) long, the flagship is the perfect symbiosis of the masterful technology of the renowned Slovenian shipbuilder Elan Yachts and the design philosophy of Studio F. A. Porsche. As the first sailing yacht designed by the studio, the GT6 embodies elegance, minimalism and dynamism.’

The Elan GT6 has been shown for the first time during the Düsseldorf Salon in January. Actually, it is the result of a three-way work between Elan Yachts, Humphreys Yacht Design and Studio FA Porsche. The latter has been already involved in several innovative superyacht projects. However, this is the first time it has been deeply involved in the design of a sailing vessel.

Innovation: the staple concept behind this project

New Elan GT6
Credits: Elan-Yachts

The idea of designed innovation has led to the development of this new flagship. Indeed, it is to consider as the natural evolution of the successful Elan GT5, the precursor of the Elan Yachts crossover series and the prototype of a series of comfortable, fast, and long-lasting sailboats.

‘A natural, upscale evolution from Elan’s groundbreaking and successful GT5, the new GT6 is also the first yacht in its class to feature the clean, stylish silhouette of a flush deck.’ says Elan-yachts

‘Styled by Studio F. A. Porsche to turn heads and leave a striking first impression, with an innovative hull and sail plan drawn by Humphreys for exhilarating performance and a comfortable motion at sea, the GT6 encapsulates the exclusivity and luxurious sporting spirit of the classic Gran Turismo concept.’

An elegant silhouette, a sporty cut and a classic style. It will be the first sailboat of its category to use a flush deck. Humphreys has indeed designed a new and functional hull and an innovative navigation plan that all together create the exclusive spirit of the ‘Grand Tourer’. 

Furthermore, accuracy and innovation are what also distinguish also the interior spaces. The yacht has a versatile and highly functional design. High qualities materials and refined details ensure maximum comfort onboard.

Marko Škrbin, the Director of Marine Division at Elan declared: ‘With the GT6 you can sail further, faster, cruise in comfort and arrive in style.’

Whereas the Studio F. A. Porsche insists as follows: ‘The fundamental idea behind the design of Elan’s new GT6 yacht designed by Studio F. A. Porsche is to create a modern and unique sailing experience that unifies nature and technology while travelling the high seas.’ 

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