The Google glass of the sea? Afterguard, all information in your eyes.

In BoatBureau there are many things that we are passionate about: the sea, boats and technology are some of them.
The new glasses Afterguard allows to see the whole electronic board information needed in their crystals. Many tacticians and skippers of the TP52 Super Series have already tested in Miami and are happy with the results.

As you know, a race boat, a sailboat, a catamaran or on a yacht with large length and low visibility, a detailed information can give you the necessary tenths of speed to reach the finish line with an advantage or avoid a mistake. More accurate data is what this new electronic gadget provides.

The cruising sail high competition sector is used to using technical tools from other sectors, as it might be the aeronautical. Goggles with integrated video projector are an example of this technology. This technological ‘gadget’ reflects a series of data inside the skipper’s goggles. The skipper Jimmy Spithill, during the celebration of the America‚Äôs Cup, he carried with him a large amount of electronic equipment to facilitate the real speed and direction of his boat, the wind angle, among others; he saw reflected in the lenses of his sunglasses.

But these gadgets are not just for masters of the race. They are for all ages and for any boat.

The Afterguard system needs information that is facilitated by another computer, connected to the electronic unit boat race to extract all the data required by the crew. It also benefits from a microprocessor that connects the CPU that it is on board to post via wifi to the viewfinder of his glasses. In addition, the Afterguard system incorporates other micro chip that follows very accurately the movement of the tactical head, and it combines with the information extracted from the electronic board.

Thanks to Afterguard, the tactical work is simplified and it is more accurate by simply turning the head, look at a brand or reference, or another boat. With the better data it is just needed to make the right decision.

In the near future this and other technologies will enable the skippers to perform complicated tasks with a single nod. The precision and fluidity of information that may provide the system “Afterguard” will help to get the necessary tenths to beat all your opponents or to make navigation easier tenths 100% secure.

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