Holidays on Boat, easy with BoatBureau

Tranquility, comfort and safety. Are your top three for this holidays? BoatBureau gives you this and more: good service, comfortable cabins, a captain if you do not have, also you can contract crew if you desire and the experience of sailing to your favorite destination for a price that you would never have imagined.

In sailboat, catamaran, motor boat, gulet… You have over 10,000 boats to choose and be sure you will find one that fits your needs and those of your friends.

We advise you on what you need within 24 hours and give you the keys of your boat so you can be the masters of your destiny.

Your children already have other plans … Do you want a different experience, special… Your lifelong friends feel the same … it is time to enjoy the holidays you have never had. No problems, no worries, no responsibilities. Only your good company and the immense sea. Let the wind take you away, furrow your seas like the old sailors seeking to conquer ports: the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Pacific or Indian land … There is so much to discover! Now you will have the pleasure of sailing over 3,000 destinations.

Check now the boat rentals offers of BoatBureau and you will be surprised of how cheap it is if you know how to navigate and, most importantly, if you know with who. You will also find last minute deals, but attention! They do not last a lot.

This month, we begin the journey through the Mediterranean: from the Croatian islands to the Greek, from the most exotic landscapes of Turkey to the charming spots of Italy with sea flavor. 

Meditate, consult it with your partner and with those friends that always wanted to travel and take the initiative.

Charter a boat will never have seemed so easy nor affordable. 

There are people who know what they want. Are you one of those? Come to BoatBureau and find the boat you need.


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