Itinerary of the Saronic Islands, Athens

Athens, capital of Greece, cradle of civilization, crowns a country identified with the sea and sailing for thousands of years. The Saronic Gulf is located in front of it bringing an unlimited range of experience at the helm. Charming bays and marinas await you in a picturesque and vivid adventure through immemorial destinations.

Navigation Good navigation during the months of May to October. For inexperienced sailors, consider the wind ‘meltemoi’ in the autumn, because it changes strength and direction unexpectedly.

Wind and weather Ideal climatic conditions for sailing during nine months, from March to November. The Saronic Gulf and East Peloponnese areas are less affected by the Aegean Sea wind (near Beaufort 4).

Itinerary (131 nm) Day 1: Departure from Athens
Built around the old Acropolis and Mount Lycabettus (299 m), it is easy to be transported to the golden age of ancient Greece as you wander through its streets.

Day 2: Athens – Aegina (18 nm) The Temple of Aphaia, the invisible, is the monument of Aegina. The mythology says she jumped into the sea, pursued by her beauty, but was picked up by a fisherman nets.

Day 3: Aegina – Angistri – Poros (21 nm) Angistri is the smallest of the Saronic islands. Lonely and quiet, ideal to escape from the tourists and relax. In Poros, you will leave the yacht to enjoy the shade of the blue domes.

Day 4: Poros – Hydra (12 nm).
The beautiful Hydra is a mountainous island, where there is a cave opening onto the sea. One can dive from a height of 4.50 m by a staircase that runs along the sea.

Day 5: Hydra – Dokos – Spetsai (17 nm)
Dokos is virtually uninhabited. You will find some Orthodox monks and perennial herds of sheep. You will be attracted by Spetsai for its beaches and pine smell

Day 6: Spetsai – Tselevinia – Perdika (41 nm) 
In Perdika and Tselevinia small halts will welcome you with its rocky beaches with crystal clear waters.

Day 7: Perdika – Athens (22 nm) Return to Athens.

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