Itinerary through Turkey, Bodrum.

The bay of Bodrum appears on the point where the Aegean and Mediterranean meet. This is one of the most charming places in Turkey and most desired to sail either catamaran, yacht, sailboat or gulet. The ‘Turkish Riviera’ mixes its historical and artistic heritage with its beautiful turquoise beaches with white sand and its lively, bohemian and edgy atmosphere.

Navigation, wind and weather

The weather conditions are very favorable for sailing. The afternoon breezes coming from the west-northwest have a force averaging of 4.5 during the summer season. The temperatures are warmer than in Greece, with temperatures reaching 29 °C to 34 °C.

Best season

The months of May and October offer excellent sailing conditions. The days of July and August are long and hot, and the nights are warm. June, early July and every day of September offer a better combination, with warm days and cool nights. The water in September can be very hot in some places.

Itinerary: Bodrum – Gokova – Bodrum (7 days – 99 nm)
Day 1: Bodrum – Kara Ada (2.50 nm)
The mythical ancient Halicarnassus, famous for its magnificent mausoleum and its lively nightlife is also known, humorously, as “the bedroom of Europe”. You will find a variety of accessories and original articles in the area, from natural sponges to kilims, sandals, embroidered or parts of cotton in their shops, bazaars and colorful markets..

Day 2: Kara Ada – Cokertme (17.50 nm)
Kara Ada is the ‘Black Island’. Its name evokes stories of pirates, but it is especially known for its hot springs and delicious underwater caves.. If you like to stop for a drink, a snack or a fancy meal, we recommend the Arkanessos restaurant, next to the pier. A real pleasure for the palate and a spectacular view over the Aegean Sea.

Day 3: Cokertme – Cleopatra Island (21 nm)
When we address to Cokertme we will notice the impressive mountains rising behind its beautiful beach, where you can eat some authentic and rich kebabs in some of its small local restaurants. We will continue until the Sedir Island, one of the most beautiful white sand beaches of the world. Kiran mountain chain crowns the views of this natural beauty dubbed the ‘Cleopatra Island’ because it is said that Marco Antonio brought the white sand from Egypt in order the queen could enjoy it.

Day 4: Cleopatra Island – Karaca (1 nm) – Marmaris
Not far from there, there is Karaca where you can moor in order to get a car to visit the city of Marmaris in the southwest of Turkey. This important natural harbor has two big marinas and several smaller making it the greatest nautical center of the Aegean, very popular in winter. There is a ferry service to the Greek island of Rhodes for the curious. On the other hand, shoppers can get lost for hours in the small shops and bazaars.

Day 5: Karaca – Mersincik (40 nm)
From the bustle of Marmaris we will return to the calm of Mersincik, making a stop in the Bay of Kargili to have a bath and appreciate the Byzantine ruins of Kisebuku (Alakisla).

Day 6: Mersincik – Bodrum (17 nm)

In Mersincik all is to enjoy: beautiful pristine beaches, water sports like surfing, diving or water skiing. Even, you can step into the small Turkish mainland for hiking.

Day 7: Bodrum

If you believed that there weren’t more wonders of the ‘Turkish Riviera’ to discover, you were wrong. The castle of San Pedro is a must if you go to Bodrum. Built by the Knights of Rhodes in the Middle Ages, today protects the bay from imaginary invaders. You also can not miss the galleries, the room of Turtles or the Shipwreck of the amazing underwater archaeology museum.

Without any doubt you will want to repeat after sailing around one of the most amazing and interesting countries: the culmination of the Mediterranean natural beauty.

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