Magnificent 10 hr excursión to Mykonos and Delos

Basic information:
Marina: Mykonos
Excursion: Delos and Mykonos
Distance: 16 km approx. (10 miles)
Boats available on BoatBureau in Corfu, Lavrion, Athens among others

Mykonos is the most beautiful island of the Southern Cyclades. It is a place where art galleries, boutiques of well-know designers, traditional taverns and “gay” bars mingle in narrow allies and thus converting this small island into maybe the most cosmopolitan Greek islands. The impressing sandy beaches, whitewashed churches and wind mills, all surrounded by the beautiful turquoise Aegean Sea make this tiny island one of the summer hot spots and places to for the most exclusive jet-set from near and far.

The popularity of the island and its crowd makes it necessary to plan in advance your excursion to this mythological spot.

The island’s main cultural attraction is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Delos, situated a couple of miles in the southeast of the capital. According to Greek mythology, the island was the place where Apolo and Artemis were born and its spiritual significance made it of special interest for the Athenians during their Golden Age as the ruins and temples put the island on the same level as Olympia and Delphi in terms of architectural importance.

On board our yacht it will be easy to reach this incredible paradise and get to know its most hidden spots. After a tour through the most relevant archaeological sites, the best option is to head to Rineia where you can let go the anchor in a remote cove and enjoy a dish of fresh fish, salad and the typical Greek pastries while swimming or sunbathing in the afternoon sun.

After this wonderful half day where you had the great opportunity to enjoy both Greek mythology and gastronomy, it’s time to get back to Delos to do a tour through the archaeological ruins. If it’s only two of you, and the “caïque” is full, just take the public ferry and in 30 minutes you will arrive in Delos. Bear in mind that the ferry departs in front of the church of Agios Nikolas from tuesday to Sunday at 9, 10 and 11 pm. After visiting the ruins, take the ferry back to Mykonos, provided with a map of the island and the mood to explore its streets and alleys, its special and extravagant corners. Seize the opportunity to have something to eat and to have a swim in the crystalline sea.

After this post lunch swim, take a taxi back to the port of Mykonos called Chora. Stroll along the port and the boutiques and restaurants of this area, surrounded by small picturesque houses facing the sea, where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset while sipping a glass of Ouzo.

A bit further up, you find Panagia Paraportiani, the most photogenic church of Mykonos. As your afternoon is coming to an end, say good night to Petros the Pelican, the island’s mascot, before taking the taxi back to the boat.

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