Discover the charm of Balearics with this Majorca sailing itinerary

The Spanish island of Majorca’s fame is not only because of the sun and beach, but also its variety of landscapes and coasts, hidden and rugged coves, its impossible cliffs and capricious natural forms that make it one of the most beautiful Mediterranean destinations. We propose you to discover this treasure with a 7 days Majorca sailing itinerary.

The largest of the four Balearic Islands, Majorca is a paradise to discover riding a small boat with over 550 kilometres of coastline with clear water, white sand and turquoise hues, guarded by green pine forests. There are beaches for all tastes, busy or hidden away, and an abundant supply of marinas, ports and anchorage areas for your boat rental in Majorca.

How can I get to Majorca?

Many European airlines offer direct flights to Mallorca from the UK and Germany. A half-hour plane ride from Barcelona, Mallorca is a unique place to enjoy recreational boating.

That’s why we offer the following schedule: a tour of the south coast of the island. Have you already chosen your boat chater for your Mallorca sailing holiday?

When is the best time to sail in Majorca?

During the summer months it is more interesting to sail your boat rental around the island counterclockwise, as we can better harness the winds.

The effect of tides should not worry us because the currents are low (except at certain times and at capes like Formentor, or sailing between some small islands that can accelerate and channel them).

What’s the weather and wind like?

Although the weather is very stable and light during the summer. It could change very quickly so, as good sailors do, we must be cautious and consider the features of our rented boat. Mainly with the north wind or Tramuntana, the most important wind in Mallorca. It isn’t used to blow intensely during the summer, but it would be possible to start about the end of August and September. With the Tramuntana we can enjoy authentic moments of pleasure in sailing along our route. However, we may be surprised suddenly and achieve temporal power.

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Our Favourite Majorca Sailing Itinerary: Palma de Mallorca – Cala Pi (7 days / 100 NM)

Day 1: Palma – Portals Vells (10 NM)

The Port of Palma, capital of the island and of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, is the largest and most important port of the more than 40 in the whole island, highly active and busy for charters, haulage, fishing and military vessels. Our early hours of sailing our hired sailboat or yacht will lead us to Portals Vells, a village in the municipality of Calvia, west of Palma, which has four bays with crystal clear waters and fine white sand.

Day 2: Portals Vells – Andratx (13.50 NM)

Portals Vells is called an immense cave with three huge portals. The area, surrounded by lush pine forests, is famous for being the place where the stones were extracted to build the Cathedral of Santa María de Palma.

We will drop anchor under the small paradise and head to Port D Andratx, where we can moor the boat for the night. A cosmopolitan area and a residential location, this port is equipped with modern and functional facilities. Its cheerful atmosphere makes it the ideal place to do some shopping, enjoy a dinner with friends in one of its terraces overlooking the sea or go for a drink while our charter awaits.

Day 3: Port Andratx – Cabrera (38 NM)

Island of Cabrera in the Balearic Islands

Port d’Andratx has remained hidden slightly apart from the crowds. The harbour is surrounded by small coves of rocky seabed, like Llamps Cove or Marmassen Cove. They are perfect for a swim or snorkel right off the deck of your boat or yacht. It is worth it to go close to Cala Fonoll, located between the cliff walls.

Some 38 miles of sailing eastward we will reach the island of Cabrera, the bigger of the archipelago of the same name, located off the southern coast of Mallorca. The historic military presence has avoided a tourist invasion of the area and it has allowed the preservation of a privileged marine ecosystem that we should not forget during this route: the Maritime Terrestrial National Park.

Day 5: Es Carbó – Sa Rápita (4 NM)

We wake in Platja d’Es Carbó, less than a mile from the Colonia de Sant Jordi, opposite the island of Na Moltona. The beach can only be reached by foot or by boat, avoiding the massive influx of visitors. Although precautions should be taken, if we decide to anchor our boat here, arriving by sea is the best option: as 250 meters from the coast there is a depth of only 2.5 meters to a sandy bottom and algae.

Our adventure in Majorca continues, shaping the south coast of the island to the Marina de Sa Rápita, a coastal village consisting mostly of single-family, low-rise buildings, that if we want we can visit at sunset. Just before reaching the harbour there is a beautiful 1,400 meter-long beach, that is open to the sea and surrounded by dunes and pine trees. If you’re a surfer and the wind blows our way, here we’ll have an amazing time on our boards.

Day 6: Sa Rapita – Cala Pi (6 NM)

cala Pi
Cala Pi, one of the most beautiful beaches in Majorca.

Cala Pi is the most sheltered coast on this part of Mallorca. To access the beach from the sea we must go through land for one kilometre between two vertical walls that are 30 meters tall. When we access this area, we see cliffs and pine forests on our left and to our right a military tower from the 16th Century, in addition to a residential area. For navigation we must consider the three stones port side of our yacht, access through the central part to anchor, and the south wind.

Day 7: Cala Pi – Palma (17.50 NM)

We sail back to Palma de Mallorca and back to reality after seven days of absolute relaxation in your charter boat or yacht.




Where you can find ports and marinas in this Majorca sailing itinerary?


The Puerto Deportivo Naviera Balear is found in Palma de Mallorca. It offers refuelling, along with waste disposal, electricity, water, showers and 24 hour security.

Port Andratx

On the southeast part of the Island, this harbor can provide electricity, water and refuelling.

Isla Cabrera

Located on the south end of the Island, you need a pre-approved permit to anchor your boat here. Only 50 boats or yachts are allowed per day. With that in mind, that the Colonia Sant Jordi is only 10 nautical miles away from this breathtaking, uninhabited island that is also a national park.

Sa Rápita

The Sa Ràpita Yacht Club has mooring service for boats and yachts up to 20 m long. A refuelling station is located here, along with water, laundry, electricity and security.

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