My baby, travel and airplane

Do you know that 63% of the boats in the Caribbean are rented by Europeans? This data made us to consider the relationship between aircraft and ships. In addition, a few months ago some friends of mine became parents and this week they were telling us the difficulties they have had, flying with their baby.

Child flight safety is a complex and controversial issue, so today we will give you some suggestion that will be useful if you want to fly with babies up your ship.

Do you know your child does not need a ticket if he/she is less than two years old? Most of the travel companies your child will fly for free, even though, in international travel and depending on the company, it’s possible the ticket costs a 10% of the normal price.

If you don’t buy ticket you should bring the child in your arms on short flights, while for long flights there are available seats with cots, but they are not guaranteed without ticket.

The fact that your child can travel free of charge, does not mean you should. It seems strange that the regulations set travel by car with children are more restrictive than those currently exist for air travel.

The reason for it is the fact that the number of car accidents is obviously higher than the air accidents. Anyway you don’t need to suffer a plane crash to hurt in a plane.
Do you know that turbulences are the leading cause of most “air injury”, especially if you are not properly secured to the seat? For this reason the main organisms responsible of aviation safety recommend buying an “extra ticket” for your child.

If you buy a ticket for your child, check if the airline offers a discount. This is more common for long distance and international travel.

If you buy a ticket for your child, the infant seat is not required. If you may thought you baby seat was mandatory, it is not. According to Alison Duquette, spokesman for the FAA (acronym of the agency that regulates civil aviation in the United States, Federal Aviation Administration):”The FAA rules do not specify you must use a baby seat if you buy a ticket for a person less than two years old”.

These are some of the basic tips that we wanted to convey. I hope it could be useful to save tedious calls and queries in Google. Good flight!

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