Sailing itinerary for Bahamas (Abacos)

The Bahamas is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean very similar to the Caribbean in its features. Just a few miles from the United States, it is a beautiful vacation destination where the waters are so clear that the naked eye can see up to 60 meters deep. This archipelago consists of over 700 islands and islets. That is why on this 7-day sailing itinerary for Bahamas we will focus only on some of them: the Abacos, northeast. It is the main nautical destination in the country and here you will find all the facilities and a paradise-like landscape.


The Bahamas boating season is much longer than the Caribbean one. You can sail almost all year, though late autumn and early winter is less desirable. Therefore, the best months to enjoy this sailing itinerary for Bahamas are between February and October. To navigate in certain areas you will need a permit or commitment firm, so it is advisable to inform yourself before arriving to the destination or before sailing.

Wind and Weather

Throughout the year the trade winds blow, tempering the climate and greatly facilitating sailing. The wind in the Abacos is usually between 5 and 20 knots all year. The coldest months are those of late autumn and winter, although the temperature is usually above 20 degrees Celsius. Between May and October it is when the sea temperature is higher, reaching 30 degrees at times, but these are also the rainiest months.

Itinerary: Bahamas (Abacos) (7 days / 140NM)

Day 1. Marsh Harbour – Treasure Cay (17NM)

The first day of our sailing itinerary for Bahamas we depart from the Abacus main base and sail north to Treasure Cay. This is one the most famous Bahamas beaches and offers many facilities for sailors.

Day 2. Treasure Cay – Coopers Town (17NM)

We continue north enjoying the turquoise waters and beautiful islands. We arrive to Coopers Town, one of the main towns on the Great Abaco island .

Day 3. Coopers Town – Green Turtle Cay (12NM)

We will continue our sailing itinerary for Bahamas heading to the Cays off the east coast of the Abacos. We start with Green Turtle Cay where we can admire the New England style architecture in New Plymouth.

Day 4. Green Turtle Cay – Elbow Cay (24NM)

We will go to Elbow Cay, one of the best places in Bahamas for snorkeling or scuba diving. In addition, north the cay we can see the white and red stripes lighthouse that has became and icon of the Abacos.

Day 5. Elbow Cay – Abaco National Park (35NM)

The fifth day of our sailing itinerary for Bahamas we sail towards the southern point, towards the Abaco National Park. To do this you will need first to have done some paperwork on the base. This is a good destination for ecotourism, and it is important for the protection of a unique specie of parrots in the Bahamas.

Day 6. Abaco National Park – Little Harbour (21NM)

We begin the return to the base and we will stop at Little Harbour. We can enjoy sailing in paradise and take advantage of swimming, diving and sunbathing on the beautiful and white sand beaches.

Day 7. Little Harbour – Marsh Harbour (14NM)

The last day of this sailing itinerary for Bahamas we will arrive to Marsh Harbour again. Along the way we can enjoy the Cays starboard and approach them if we want to visiting or snorkeling.

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