Sailing itinerary for Dubrovnik

Croatia is becoming one of the most popular European destinations. With a unique offer of culture and beach, this Adriatic country has the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable vacation. In BoatBureau we suggest you a 7-day sailing itinerary for Dubrovnik. You will know a city that will surprise you and sail the islands and bays around it. Croatia is also a perfect place for a vacation aboard since it has many ports where you can rent a boat.



The islands of central and southern Dalmatia, near Dubrovnik, are among the most beautiful in the Adriatic. In the months of July and August, months of vacation for most europeans, it is normal to find many more tourists in the area and many more ships than the rest of the year. The landscape beauty can be dangerous and we have to be  watchful  because among many islands and islets we might crash with a rock or another boat.

Wind and weather

During summer, winds are calmer than during winter and the heat encourages to swim and enjoy sailing. Also, in spring and autumn temperatures are very nice, so Dubrovnik is a destination to visit all year round. The winds of the Adriatic are perfect for sailing. The Mistral wind in summer helps freshen the air and will make your vacation time in Croatia truly pleasant.

 Itinerary: Dubrovnik and its surroundings (7 days / 141 NM )


Day 1 Dubrovnik – Lopud (9 NM)

The first day we will do very few miles, so we can enjoy Dubrovnik before departing. This city is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic and the name makes justice to it. Ragusa, the old town, is walled and is lovely to walk on its streets and learn some of the European history. After knowing this hideout of the Dalmatian Coast, we will sail north to the small island of Lopud.

Day 2 Lopud – Ston (16 NM)

In the morning we can sunbathe in the Bay of Sunj and enjoy the beaches of the Lopud island. After lunch we will head to the small town of Ston, north. The entrance to the city from the sea is spectacular and Ston’s walls are considered the longest in Europe.

Day 3 Ston – Zuljana (23 NM)

Day dedicated to border the southern part of Peljesac peninsula, between Ston and Zuljana. We can moor at the various beaches that we will find along our route and enjoy the turquoise waters and nature.

Day 4 Zuljana – Korcula (15 NM)

On our sailing itinerary for Dubrovnik we will leave behind continental Croatia and head to the island of Korcula, to the east. In the south of the island we will find the city of the same name. It is the perfect place to spend a few hours on land knowing the history of the country. Korcula has a fourteenth-century cathedral, a monastery of the fifteenth century and palaces and medieval walls.

Day 5 Korcula – Lastovo (20 NM)

The fifth day we will naviagate south towards Lastovo. This small mountainous island surrounded by deep water offers a beautiful Mediterranean landscape. You can enjoy the tranquility, watersports and diving and a unique cuisine.

Day 6 Lastovo – Mljet (33 NM)

The day with more hours of sailing will end on the island of Mljet to admire its natural park. The best places for swimming are the salt lakes of the north (Veliko and Malo Jazero) and Saplunara Beach, south.

Day 7 Mljet – Dubrovnik (25 NM)

Last day of the sailing itinerary for Dubrovnik, when we will return to our departure point. We enjoy the evening in this fortified city and discover the places that we could not visit the first day. The tourism website of the city is very complete and can help you plan your day in Dubrovnik.


-header photography by Dennis Jarvis

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