Sailing itinerary for Fethiye

Fethiye, in the very heart of the Turkish Lycian Coast, is one of the most idyllic places in Turkey to sail. Its coast has all the ingredients for a wonderful week sailing with a gulet or other type of rental boat. Cliffs and Mediterranean vegetation blend with clean beautiful turquoise waters and picture beaches. And along with all this natural wealth, dozens of ancient cities, with many remains preserved that one can visit. We suggest this 7-day sailing itinerary for Fethiye for you to know several spots in the Turquoise Coast. In this itinerary we will focus on Fethiye and the east coast of its bay, to Oludeniz and Kalkan. Another good option if your base is Fethiye is approaching the area of ​​Göcek, west, and follow the sailing itinerary for Göcek that we suggested in this post.

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The best time to sail in Fethiye is between May and October, coinciding with the warmer months of the Mediterranean. July and August are the months with more visitors on the Turkish coast because then is when most Europeans have vacation. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, it is best to choose May, June, September or October. The large number of coves and bays along the whole route allow anchoring to rest or shelter in case of a hypothetical storm.

Wind and Weather  

The weather in Fethiye is similar to the Mediterranean one. During boating season, temperatures are between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, and easily above 30 degrees in August. The wind is usually very calm in the morning, and it is more intense from midday and in the afternoon. Usually in the early hours of the day the winds are from southeast or southwest, between 4 and 8 knots. During the afternoon the winds vary westward and have a strength of between 8 and 12 knots. The strongest winds are only occasional and can cause waves of two meters away from the coastline.

Itinerary: Fethiye (7 days / 105NM)

Day 1. Fethiye – Cold Water Bay (15NM)

We set sail from Fethiye and once out of the bay we head east along the coast. From the beginning we can admire the pristine turquoise waters of the Lycian Coast. To port we can see small coves and caves in the cliffs, and we can moor there if we like. We will finish the day at Cold Water Bay, so called because there the water is cooler than elsewhere around.

Day 2. Cold Water Bay – Butterfly Bay (4NM)

Quiet day for sightseeing. We sail leaving Oludeniz a few miles behind  and get to the Butterfly Bay. Named Kelebekler Vadisi in Turkish, it is one of the most spectacular beaches in Turkey, and we can enjoy it on this sailing itinerary for Fethiye. Here, the nature is carefully cared and thus they achieve the virgin and special landscape and environment.

Day 3. Buterfly Bay – Gelemis (21NM)

We sail to Gelemis, where we can enjoy the long beach of Patara. The ruins of the Lycian city of Patara are jut a few meters from the beach and it is easily accessible walking . It is said that the Greek god of the sun Apollo was born here. You can visit the ruins of the theater, temples and some buildings.

Day 4. Gelemis – Kaputas Beach (13NM)

We continue eastwards and we will arrive to Kaputas Beach. This beach is considered one of the best in Turkey, as many of the ones seen in this sailing itinerary for Fethiye. It is located between two high cliffs and the water has all imaginable shades of blue.

Day 5. Kaputas Beach – Kalkan (4NM) & Lycian Coast (near 18NM)

We go back to Fethiye but first we will stop in Kalkan and take the supplies we need. Then we sail to the west and we will move miles. Along the way we can enjoy the beauty of the Lycian landscape.

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Day 6. Lycian Coast – Oludeniz (near 12NM)

We arrive at Oludeniz, which has a wonderful and pristine beach. It is really long and ends in a stretch of sand and vegetation that goes into the water, creating a small bay with a narrow entrance.


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Day 7. Oludeniz – Fethiye (18NM)

The last day of our sailing itinerary for Fethiye we will go back to our base port. There you can spend an entire day (or more, if you like) to visit the ruins of ancient Telmessos. One of its most important remains are the tombs in the cliffs.

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