Sailing itinerary for Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands archipelago (Spain), is a place that mixes the desert landscape of some islands in the area with beautiful white sand beaches that you can find in others. In short, it is a really complete place for an on board vacation, so we bring you this 7-day sailing itinerary for Fuerteventura. You can relax on its beaches, practice water sports off the coast and get to know its natural and landscape beauty.


The best season for sailing in Fuerteventura is between November and March, when the days are colder in the rest of Europe. Navigation in the Canary Islands is optimal in winter, when it is less desirable to embark in the Mediterranean. You have to have in mind the strong wind that can blow in Fuerteventura and that sometimes can be a challenge for experienced sailors. A wind, however, that delights windsurfers and other water sports lovers.

Wind and Weather

The weather in the Canary Islands and Fuerteventura is warm throughout the year. In winter, in Fuerteventura minimum temperatures are around 15 degrees Celsius and maximum are around 22°C. Summer temperatures are higher (close to maximum values of 30°C), and most charter boats travel to the Balearic Islands. The wind on Fuerteventura is intense throughout the year and helps navigation. The trade winds blowing from the Atlantic make this a paradise for surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing, practiced mainly in the north of the island.

Itinerary: Fuerteventura (7 days / 132NM)

Day 1. Morro Jable – Jandia Natural Park (22NM)

We begin our sailing itinerary for Fuerteventura in the southern point of the island. Here there are some of the best beaches and it is not as crowded as the north. You will notice a big change when passing through Punta Jandia and Puerto de la Cruz. On one side the beaches are of white sand and in the other you can find cliffs and dark beaches.

Day 2. Jandia Natural Park – Betancuria Rural Park (22NM)

We continue north and we will know the most beautiful part of Fuerteventura, chromatically. Betancuria Rural Park is a spectacle of mountains, desert and vegetated areas that combines browns, grays and greens. In addition, on the coast we can practice scuba diving or explore caves.

Day 3. Betancuria Rural Park – Corralejo (28NM)

The day with more nautical miles of this sailing itinerary for Fuerteventura we will reach the north of the island. The Corralejo area is known for its beautiful white sand beaches and for being one of the favorite destinations of surfers, kite surfers and other water sports lovers. In addition, we will know the Isla de Lobos.

Day 4. Corralejo – Puerto del Rosario (16NM)

We will arrive to the capital of the island, Puerto del Rosario. Here you can enjoy great beaches and the cultural heritage of the city that still maintains the small white houses of fishermen.

Day 5. Puerto del Rosario – Cuchillos de Vigan (15NM)

Towards Cuchillos de Vigan we can see beautiful beaches and salt pans. You will also pass Caleta de Fuste, one of the most tourist places of the island. In Cuchillos de Vigan we can finally we see a totally desert landscape

Day 6. Cuchillos de Vigan – Costa Calma (19NM)

We will spend a beach day in Costa Calma. In this area there are visible differences between high tide, when there are different beaches, and low tide, when one long beach is formed.

Day 7. Costa Calma – Morro Jable (10NM)

We end our sailing itinerary for Fuerteventura in Morro Jable, where we will spend the last day in white sand heavenly beaches, with waters calmer than in the north.

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