Sailing itinerary for Saint Lucia

Santa Lucia is a small Caribbean island, located between Martinique and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in the middle of the Lesser Antilles. It is a volcanic island and is easily recognizable by the Pitons, two majestic cones covered with lush vegetation and which also appear on the flag of this Caribbean nation. This destination stands out for its exuberant nature and for being a wonderful place to spend a few days sailing. Therefore, we suggest you this 7-day sailing itinerary for Saint Lucia, in which you will make just a few miles but you will enjoy all that this island has to offer.


The ideal months for sailing in Saint Lucia, like in the Caribbean, are the ones of the European and American winter. The best months are January, February and March, in the middle of the dry season. But these months are also the most crowded ones, so you should book in advance. The time to avoid is the hurricane season between June and November.

Wind and Weather

Weather in Santa Lucia is more humid than in other islands of the northern Caribbean. Thanks to the rain and humidity, the island has a magnificent vegetation. Between February and May it is when the rainfall is less, a rain increases significantly between July and November. The temperatures move between 25 and 30 degrees throughout the year, and the sea is 27 or 28 degrees Celsius in the sailing season. In the boating season, the prevailing winds blow from the northeast, with a force of between 10 and 25 knots. The rest of the year the main winds are from southeast.

Itinerary: St. Lucia (7 days / 63NM)

Day 1. Rodney Bay (0+NM)

The first day of this journey we will remain in Rodney Bay, where there is the main marina for boat rentals in Saint Lucia. We will enjoy the services offered by this area and we can sail, if we want, a few miles between yachts and other boats. We can also reach Reduit Beach, a popular long beach on the island.

Day 2. Rodney Bay – Grand Anse (12NM)

We will leave behind the large populations and we will begin our sailing itinerary for Saint Lucia heading to Grand Anse. Along the way we will observe the jungle and some beaches where we can take a rest.

Day 3. Grand Anse – Praslin (8NM)

We will sail the east coast to Praslin. There you can enjoy heavenly beaches with fine sand, green palms and large rounded rocks. And, of course, the typical Caribbean clear water.

Day 4. Praslin – Vieux Fort (10NM)

The fourth day of our sailing itinerary for Saint Lucia we will head south of the island. We will navigate along a coastline of cliffs with small wild creeks and coves. We will end the day at the Anse des Sables beach, enjoying its paradisiacal image of white sand and palm trees.

Day 5. Vieux Fort – Soufrière (15NM)

This day we can enjoy the famous views of the Pitons from Soufrière Bay. In addition, we can approach the Diamond Botanical Gardens. A day to know the nature of Saint Lucia.

Day 6. Soufrière – Marigot Bay (9NM)

Back to the most popular areas, we will stop at Marigot Bay. It is one of the main areas for boaters along with Rodney Bay. Here you will find all the services you need next to a beautiful Caribbean landscape.

Day 7. Marigot Bay – Rodney Bay (9NM)

We will finish going back to Rodney Bay and we will enjoy the cuisine and entertainment of Castries City, the capital of the island.

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