Sailing the Southern Caribbean

Sailing from island to island by yacht, sailboat or catamaran is undoubtedly the best way to enjoy the charm of the Caribbean in a single trip. We propose an itinerary through the volcanic island arc forming the Antilles. All the taste of the Caribbean in a few miles!

DAY 1: Martinique – Saint Lucia (40 mn) 
When sailing the Windward Islands, we choose Martinique as a starting point. The small island of the Minor Antilles has the nickname “the island of flowers”, but what are the most abundant are sugar cane and banana. The list of beauties of this place is endless: diving, fishing, coral reefs, hot springs, gorges, forests, mountainous terrain … you will not get bored. If you are looking to relax and escape the hustle, then your place is on the south coast. Before heading to St. Lucia, is required to anchor in the charming beach of Les Salines, located in one of the least crowded and urbanized areas of the island.

DAY 2: Saint Lucia – Saint Vincent (54 mn) 

You will recognize Santa Lucia for two icons: the Pitons mountains, two peaks that emerge 800 meters from the sea, represented by the flag of the country as two triangles. This is another of the eight independent islands of the Minor Antilllas. In the village of Soufriere you will find one of the most spectacular scenery in the Caribbean near the city Sulphur Springs volcano. Diamond Botanical Gardens and National Park Isla de la Paloma, where the military británica- -base Rodney Strong are the two most important tourist attractions, besides iguanas are everywhere. Despite the fame of the twin mountains, the highest is Mount Gimie, 959 meters high.

DAY 3-4-5-6 and 7: Saint Vincent – Grenadines (9mn) 

The sea will take us through a chain of 600 islands. First stop: one of the least explored Caribbean islands. France and Great Britain fought over it  during the eighteenth century and finally staying for the Anglo-Saxon country, so English is the official language, although many locals speak a Creole dialect. Saint Vincent has been the scene of several films including Wallibou beach where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.. East of Eden, in Kingstown, the beautiful botanical garden founded in 1753, which has among its treasures is a Tree of Pan. Crab, lobster and lambi (conch) are the top products of the sea.

We continue on to the Bequia Island, the only one who has been able to preserve traditional practices for building boats in his shipyard. Local fishermen are throwing the harpoon hand, and probably unique in the world. You can also enjoy the sea turtle sanctuary Old Hegg.

A little further west, we reach Baliceaux. Another paradise with a bitter history. It was here that the British army banished Caribbean 5000 after the defeat of Chief Joseph Chatoyer in the 1790s half of them died in a concentration camp; the other half were deported to Honduras.

Navigating to the tiny island of Mustique we will pass from slaves stories to the billionaires stories . At the island, owned by the Mustique Companywith 89 private villas and two hotels –, accessible only by boat or private plane. And they do Margaret of Windsor, Mick Jagger and David Bowie every year. Because you are permitted to anchor in Britannia Bay, it is interesting to spend at least one night. If you like Golf, at Raffles Resort Canouan Island will have the opportunity to play at the Trump International Golf Club, one of the most impressive golf courses in the world.

The maximum expression of the most pristine in the Caribbean is found in the islands of Mayreau and Tobago Cays. You can anchor freely with virtually no inhabited nucleus. Almost everyone in Mayreau live in a small village called Old Wall, southwest of the island. Much reggae, colorful local rum shops and a stone church with red lintels. You will find white sand beaches and coral reefs in the Tobago Cays, five uninhabited cays lagoons filled with phenomenal green turtles, colorful fish and clear waters.The dream of every diver!

Finally, we will sail to Union Island, the southernmost of the Grenadines islands and moor on the famous and bustling harbor of Clifton. Throughout the year, various events are held worthy of witnessing: the Maroon Festival Maroon (in May) and, of course, Carnival.

So this dream will be turned into reality. A journey full of romance, relaxation, beauty and experience for all the senses.


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