Secret islands of the South Pacific (part II)

The competitors of the 2015 Volvo Ocean Race 2015 sail in the 5th leg the largest ocean of the world and from BoatBureau we discover you the secret islands of the South Pacific. In the first part of this list we stopped in French Polynesia, where we resume now the journey by the hand of this sailing competition around the world. Follow live the excitement of the arrival to Itajaí, Brazil, the coming days.

6. Marotiri islets, French Polynesia

If they were not lost in the Pacific Ocean, the islets of Marotiri would be a wonderful destination for fishing enthusiasts. They are uninhabited and have little vegetation.

7. Pitcairn Islands, UK

In the first part of this list of secret islands of the South Pacific we talked about the HMS Bounty mutiny. The inhabitants of Pitcairn Islands are the descendants of those British mutineers and the Tahitians who joined them. This archipelago is the last British territory remaining in this ocean.

Pitcairn by Makemake at the German Language WikipediaCredits of the image to Makemake at the German Language Wikipedia

8. Easter Island, Chile

The famous Moais of Easter Island speak for themselves.


Located in the Pacific Ocean, it belongs to Chile but its original inhabitants come from other islands of Polynesia. In addition to the renowned stone sculptures, Easter Island has white sand beaches, clear waters and palm trees, as well as volcanoes and wild vegetation.

9. Alejandro Selkirk Island, Chile

Alexander Selkirk was one of the castaways who inspired Daniel Defoe’s novel Robinson Crusoe. Until 1966 the island was called ‘Más Afuera’, the Spanish for ‘More Out’, being the furthest from mainland Chile in the Juan Fernandez archipelago. It has a small town on the east coast where once a year the fishermen and their families come searching for the Juan Fernandez lobster.

10. Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile

If there is an island of ‘More Out’ in the Juan Fernandez archipelago, there are also one of ‘Más a Tierra’, the Spanish for ‘More near land’, and this is the Robinson Crusoe Island. It is called since 1966 after the famous novel by Defoe because there was where the Scottish castaway Selkirk lived between 1704 and 1709.

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