Snapshots of Croatia: 3 unique Places to Visit in Croatia

The incredible variety and endless beauty of Croatia make it not easy to choose what places to visit in this country. There are tiny islands spread everywhere in front of its 1,800 km of coastline, and sandy or pebbly beaches that make it the perfect place for sunbathing all day long. Furthermore, impressive sightseeing and towns display centuries of history to explore. To not to mention the delicious Croatian cuisine, the diverse summer events and activities that will suit all tastes, as well as the mild climate!

What else could you ask for this summer vacation? Thus, let’s dive into its wonders and let us unveil 3 unique places to visit in Croatia.


The island where you can forget about everything!

side view of a sunny Lastovo Island's Harbour with traditional fishing Croatian Boats

Far from the tourist routes, between Split and Dubrovnik, lies a virgin jewel of the Mediterranean, Lastovo island. This preserved Nature Park offers a serene oasis of blue waters and secret bays where people use to relax and listen to the sound of the waves. Many visitors often refer to this place as the kingdom of peacefulness. The main village, also called Lastovo, reigns on a steep hillside. It displays stone houses with typical Croatian red roofs, churches and a wide range of traditional restaurants.

All around cycling and walking paths across its fertile fields will offer you panoramic views of its natural beauty. Many of them end up in its scenic bays where you can find coloured marine creatures, plants, and shipwrecks. From more relaxing to more exciting outdoor activities, Lastovo island is a place that always remains in its visitor’s memory!

Lošinj Island

Discover the aroma that beauty emanate!

Lošinj Island Beach with rocks

The beautiful, small island of Losinj in the Kvarner Gulf encloses all the superb qualities that an island can embody. It displays a lovely harbour capital, charming fishing villages, green hills, and, of course, crystalline sea! But besides the natural wonders, you should not overlook the rich artistic and historical heritage of the diverse cultures that set foot on the island.

And what about the distinctive fragrance that permeates the ambience? Losinj Island is also known as the “Aromatic island” or the “Island of vitality” for its natural diversity. With more than a thousand flowers and aromatic herbs, the subtle aroma delivers an unforgettable experience.

Krka National Park

Swimming under waterfalls

What comes to your mind when you think of fairytales? Bright natural lagoons, breathtaking waterfalls, medieval monasteries, an enthralling network of boardwalks and unique wildlife?

Well, there is a place near Sibenik that seems straight out of a legend! Krka National Park is one of Croatia’s best-known attractions for its exceptional natural beauty. Located on the inland of the fantastic Dalmatian coast, it provides an impressive backdrop to relax and sail in its crystal-clear waters while feeling like you are in a magical tale.

In short…

Croatia is incredible anytime, but some places shine even brighter during spring and summer, such as its national parks and islands! With its magnificent coastline and hundreds of islands, the best way to visit it is by boat. So, take a cue from our suggestions and set sail for a fantastic holiday!

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