St Lucia Sailing Route from Rodney Bay

Santa Lucia is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a  stunning place of unspoiled nature and postcard-like scenery as a backdrop for your sailing week. It is a small Caribbean island, located between Martinique and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in the middle of the Lesser Antilles. It is a volcanic island, easily recognizable by the Pitons, the emblems of the island. These are two majestic cones (Gros Piton e Petit Piton) covered with lush vegetation which also appear on the flag of this Caribbean country. 

Beyond the beaches, most of the territory is mountainous and covered by a blanket of thick rainforest. The south-west corner, where the two Pitons are located, has probably the most suggestive view of all the Caribbean. Here you will be close to the famous town of La Soufrière for its sulphur and thermal springs.

St Lucia stands out for its exuberant nature and for being a beautiful place to spend some days sailing around. But, discover for yourself what this island has to offer by reading our 7-day St Lucia sailing route from Rodney Bay to St. Vicente and Granadines and back. It will be utterly relaxed as you will make just a few miles, but you will enjoy all that these heavenly islands have to offer.



The ideal months for sailing in Saint Lucia are the same as the ones of the European and American winter. The best months, but also the busiest ones, are from December to April, the so-called dry season with a sea temperature relatively constant of 83º F (28º C). If you want to sail during the best season, we suggest booking well in advance. The time to avoid is the rainy season between June and November. 

Winds and Climate

St Lucia is blessed with a tropical climate all year round. Between February and May, rainfalls are less frequent, whereas storms increase significantly between July and November. The temperatures range between 79º F – 83º F. (26º C – 28º C). During the boating season, the prevailing winds constantly blow from the southeast, with a force of between 10 and 25 knots. On the contrary, the northeast winds blow during the winter months.

St Lucia Sailing Itinerary from Rodney Bay

Day 1. Rodney Bay 

After completing the check-in, visit the town of Rodney Bay, where the main and namesake marina is located. You can enjoy all the services offered by this area: do some provisioning or stopover in one of its restaurants or bars to start savouring the Caribbean culinary specialities. You can sail a few miles away towards Reduit Beach, a famous long beach on the island. An alternative can be sailing to Pigeon Island National Park, a nearby island with beautiful beaches and military ruins. 

Day 2. Rodney Bay – Pitons Bay 

Tobago Cays beach, St. Vicente and the Granadines with boats.
Photo Credit: Flickr – Ted Alan Stedman

Start our St Lucia sailing route heading to Piton Bay. These two emerald volcanic peaks are a World Heritage Site and an ecological reserve together with the area that surrounds them. Make sure to have enough to free storage on your camera as you will take lots of beautiful pictures of the most famous landmark of the island. But also, get ready to have an unforgettable diving or snorkelling experience as the coral reefs cover almost 60% of the marine area. Nearby, you will find the small town of Soufrière. It was the original capital of the island, not to be confused with the neighbouring dormant volcano with the same name. 

Day 3. Pitons Bay – Bequia

Let’s continue your journey to St. Vicente and the Grenadines islands chain, and precisely to the island of Bequia. Here, you can anchor your boat in the idyllic Admiralty Bay, in Port Elizabeth. The island is well-known for its seafaring traditions that its inhabitants keep alive until today. Almost everyone has a connection with the sea: from the fishermen to the boat-builders or to the numerous sailors. The bay is, indeed, a popular set for yachting, equipped with repair facilities, diving and nautical shops, bars and restaurants.

Day 4. Bequia – Tobago Cays 

Turtle-sea watching at Tobago Cays Marine Park.

Now, head to an extraordinary place that stands out among the Caribbean islands, Tobago Cays Marine Park. Tobago Cays is an archipelago comprising five uninhabited islands: Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradel, Petit Tabac, and Jamesby. Even if it is a protected area, there are several spots to anchor and mooring.

Indeed, at Baradel island you can walk side by side with iguanas, and you can swim with turtles! Yes, you read, right! You can anchor close to the turtle-watching area, a kind of a turtle sanctuary that is an authentic paradise for snorkellers to explore. Two horseshoe reefs surround the whole marine park; thus, it’s easy to imagine what kind of colourful and unique surprises you can find under the surface.

Day 5. Tobago Cays – Mayreau Island

If after Tobago Cays you think to have seen the best of the Caribbean and of this St Lucia sailing route, wait, because you didn’t see Mayrau Island! Mayreau is the smallest island of the Grenadines, with only one unnamed village, and if you dream of sunbathing on a remote island, well, you found it! Anchor in the scenic Salt Whistle Bay to enjoy the colourful underwater marine life. But don’t leave the island without speaking with some local or before joining the festive bars and bbq scene.

Day 6. Mayreau Island – St. Vicente

Beach of St. Vicente and the Granadines little beach with palm trees and crystal clear waters.

Start to go back towards St Lucia, but before, stop off at St. Vicente, or if you prefer at the exclusive island of La Mustique, the island that more and more celebrities choose as their holidays’ shelter.

Besides the idyllic beach of St. Vicente make a stopover at the capital, Kingstown, and have a stroll through its typical colonial buildings. Visit the Fort Charlotte that dominates and protect the island from above and leave the urban life to hike towards the northern tip of the island. Here it is where you can have a dip into a natural landmark of the island, the Falls of Baleine.

Day 7. Marigot Bay – Rodney Bay 

Before the check-out, save some time to sop at Marigot Bay, a secluded harbour for boaters. Enjoy the picturesque view from your boat of the green hills surrounding the bay, then set sail from Rodney Bay and disembark.

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