The ‘top list’ of European islands (part II)

Did you keet wanting to know more about the Mediterranean and European islands? Today we continue teaching you more and more beautiful islands!

1. Bozcaada & Gökçeada (Aegean Sea, Turkey).

These Aegean islands are popular within the sail lovers. The quiet coves and the most pristine beaches in the Mediterranean may be the initial attraction, but there are some great Greek and Roman ruins … not to mention some of the top restaurants that also invite us to visit them, for all of these reasons, that’s why today we put this zone on top of our ranking!

2.Crete (Greece)

Crete impresses visitors with its gorgeous, fascinating art and architecture and its great archaeological sites (it takes a lot more than a day to visit it). Heraklion city is noted for its stunning harbor, its old Venetian walls and impressive museum as well as for its cuisine using the freshest food you’ve ever tasted. Outside the city, the island offers a variety of activities including a wine region very fashionable, more beaches, hiking and climbing, among many others activities.

3.Capri (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)

Resorts with high-quality, excellent food, the people and the lure of the famous sea cave Blue Grotto, Capri has earned a place in the hearts of each and everyone who has visited it. While some complain that the island is very expensive, still considered Capri as “the mecca” of shopping thanks to a beautiful and elegant feeling of classic and high modernity. Walking through Capri you feel like you’ve stepped into the middle of a fashion shoot of Prada, where the landscape and the people are just as gorgeous.

4.Santorini (Greece)

There is no place like Santorini, worldwide. Its whitewashed buildings, beautiful beaches and the splendid views. Its best views are the Caldera, the black sand beach and the “clear water “, but also include the great commercial center of the island, and of course, their amazing food. Stroll the streets, having stairs to sea level just outside the house are little things to delight those who visit this island. It is also an ideal place for divers.

And here, the top list of the most charming European islands. One of the ideas that attract most for this summer 2014 is to rent a boat and take a tour of all these islands, or part of them, so go slowly discovering places, people and amazing meals.

Do you want more information about which boat fits your most? Which one will allow you to get close to all the beaches or you just simply want to learn dates and possibilities? Enter in and we will help you for free, we love it!

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