Tips on how to choose sunglasses

Now that the good weather is here, it is the moment to have in mind that our eyes can suffer with sunlight if we do not protect them correctly. Especially if you are going to sail, your eyes will be exposed to a huge amount of sunlight every day. From BoatBureau we show you some some tips on how to choose sunglasses, for you to take care of your eye health. And remember that both adults and children must use sunglasses.

1. The lenses must absorb at least the 75% of the sunlight and block the 100% of the Ultraviolet light (UV). Especially if you are going to sail and, therefore, you will be outdoors, make sure that your eyes do not suffer because of the sun.

2. The coloring of the lens should not disturb the vision. Green lenses are the most appropriate, as well as grey and brown ones. Red, orange and yellow lenses can be helpful on cloudy days because they increase the contrast. But blue and violet colors are merely aesthetic.

3. If you are buying in the European Union, make sure that the sunglasses have the CE mark (for European Conformity), because just this way they are approved for use and are safe. And if you are in another continent, try to buy them of good quality. The eye health is truly important and a bad quality product can cause you irremediable damages.

4. Make sure that the lenses are centered in front of your eyes. Just this way your eyes will be right protected and you will enjoy a higher comfort.

Tips for kids

5. It is better to choose plastic or horn-rimmed frames, because they are lighter and more comfortable for children. Make sure that the sunglasses do not slip on their nose; it is better to buy the sunglasses with them.

6. And for the lenses, it is better if they are made of polycarbonate or organic crystal. They are really hard to break and we will save a fright and also the economic waste of the sunglasses breaking shortly after buying them.

-header photography by Jamie McCaffrey (license)

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