TOP 10 best foods of the Mediterranean diet (part II)

The countries of the Mediterranean Sea have the perfect georgraphy for producing one of the most varied and healthy diets world: the Mediterranean diet. In Boatbureau we discover you the TOP 10 gastronomic secrets hiden in the Mediterranean from east to west, already advanced in the first part. We also suggest you coastal cities where you can moor your boat and restaurants to taste the best dishes.

5. Sardinian pecorino cheese. Sardinia, Italy

The Smeralda Coast or any other Sardinian beach is a perfect destination to spend some days on the beach with one of our boats. In the restaurants of the coast you will find many dishes that have this ingredient. But if you want to discover the origin of Sardinian pecorino cheese, it is better to do an excursion into the island and buy it at one of the small roadside shops of the artisans themselves, to enjoy it the time of day that you prefer.

Pecorino by Rocco Luciaphoto by Rocco Lucia

6. Pasta con le sarde. Palermo, Sicily, Italy

The pasta con le sarde, or pasta with sardines, can be found throughout Sicily, but its origin is in the port of Palermo, the capital of the island. If during your route with one of our boats you visit this city of northeastern Sicily, try this recipe with an unconventional dressing but with the real Sicilian spirit. You can try, for example, Trattoria ai Cascinari.

Next Sicilyphoto by Edsel Little

7. Fenkata. Valletta, Malta

One of the hallmarks of Maltese cuisine are rabbit stews that are called Fenkata. In the restaurants in the capital of the island, Valletta, or any other of its few cities, it is easy to find. You can choose a dish in which predominates, or as dressing while eating pasta, for example. Legligin e Il Horza are good options in the capital city.

Fenkata by Kate Hopkinsphoto by Kate Hopkins

8. Moussaka. Athens, Greece

When thinking about Greek food, the Moussaka is the first thing that comes to mind. This dish with a base of eggplant and lamb condenses all the flavor of the Mediterranean diet.

Moussaka by The Misadventures of Majaphoto by Misadventures of Maja

It can easily be found throughout the country, both in the islands and on the Balkan Peninsula. If your boat moorings in Piraeus or near Athens, we recommend 2mazi, northeast of the Acropolis.

9. Baklava. Marmaris, Turkey

The baklava are the most typical sweet of Turkey. It is not usually eaten as dessert, but served with coffee or afternoon tea. They come in different shapes and flavors, but stand by nuts and honey or caramel.

Baklava by Mumumíophoto by Mumumío


Marmaris cafeterias offer a wide assortment of baklava for you to try several and end up choosing the one that more suits you. But if you visit Göcek, Bodrum or any other port you can also find them.


10. Mezedes. Limassol, Cyprus


The last gastronomic secret behind the Mediterranean is located in Cyprus, its easternmost island where you can rent one of the boats which we offer from Boatbureau. Mezedes are varied appetizers served at the beginning of the most important meals. They are made of vegetables, meat and fish, and its flavor blends the best of the Mediterranean diet with Asian flavors. You can taste these starters in Meze Tavern in the old port of Limassol, or in Ouisa.

Mezze by snowpea&bokchoiphoto by snowpea&bokchoi

-Header photography by Stuart Webster

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