TOP 10 best foods of the Mediterranean diet (part I)

The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest and most varied in the world. BoatBureau will discover you the TOP 10 gastronomic secrets hiding in the Mediterranean from east to west. We also propose yo some coastal cities where you can moor your boat, and restaurants where you can taste the best dishes of the Mediterranean diet.

 1. Prawns. Huelva, Denia and Palamos, Spain

These delights of a unique flavor reach Spanish Mediterranean ports. Fresh red prawns from Palamos restaurants, Denia and white ones of Huelva, among others, are a very different delight from the farmed seafood that can be found elsewhere.

gamba roja by Javier Lastrasphoto by Javier Lastras

If you rent one of our boats, mooring near Huelva do not miss the prawns of Restaurant Azabache. If you like the Costa Blanca, try the renowned site of Chef Quique Dacosta of Denia. Or if you prefer the Costa Brava, you will find a wide variety in Palamos and in the surrounding villages.

2. Caldereta (Lobster Stew). Menorca, Spain

The dish par excellence of the island of Menorca is the Caldereta, a stew that is made with red lobsters that proliferate in the coves north. If you visit this part of the Balearic Islands do not miss one of these fish delicacies, especially if you go through Fornells. And you can also take the opportunity to immerse yourself in one of the places that we suggest from BoatBureau.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAphoto by Daniel Lobo (editada)

Do not forget that this is a soup prepared during the time of harvesting lobster, between the 1st of April and the 31st of August. In Fornells, Es Port or Es Cranc are good options to try this stew.

3. Bouillabaisse. Marseille, France

The bouillabaisse is one of the most typical dishes from France and it has its origin in the maritime city of Marseille, where you can rent one of our boats.

Bullabesaphoto by cyclonebill (editada)

You can encourage you to prepare this at home, but there’s nothing like tasting it at a restaurant in Marseille. Choose one that catches your eye close to the port or visit Chez Fonfon, Chez Michel, or Une Table au Sud if you want to bet on creativity.

4. Boar stew. Corsica, France

When the British TV chef Rick Stein visited Corsica, he surrendered to the stews that are prepared in the traditional way by the families of the island. The taste of wild boar is an explosion of Mediterranean flavors.

If you are mooring the boat in one of the ports of Corsica and you get into the island to explore its nature, do not miss one of these stews, either the boar one or, if you prefer something more traditional, the one made with lamb or goat. If you prefer to stay near the sea, Le Piano Chez Toinou in Porticcio is a good choice, but inside the island you’ll find the true spirit of the Corsican charcuterie.


-Photo of the header by Garry Knight

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