Top 3 Foods Top 3 Mediterranean Sailing Destinations: Part II

As we concluded in our latest post, eating local and trying new food is one great experience and one of the most delicious way to get into the culture of the place you’re visiting! Local gastronomy takes you deep into the lifestyle, traditions and heritage of a country and it is a feature to be proud of!

Imagine sailing to a whole new beach paradise: waking up on your own private boat, feeling the sun on your skin, taking a cool dip, docking at the port, strolling around the city and then sitting in a restaurant near the beach to let yourself be surprised by the different flavors, textures, aromas and food combinations. Sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it?

Beach Table Sea

Well, if you’re living this dream sailing experience any time soon around the Mediterranean Sea, here we bring you the three most delicious foods in France, Croatia and Turkey. If you’re visiting Italy, Spain or Greece instead, we have this other article for you! Go check it out to dive into a delightful reading!

France: fresh and exquisite!

Who hasn’t heard of the exquisite and sophisticated French cuisine? Along its inviting beach landscapes and turquoise waters, food and cooking is one of the most remarkable aspects of this country! Thanks to its climate conditions, France boasts a great variety of fresh ingredients, as well as a fine way of cooking. During your boat vacation along the French Coast, you cannot miss their elaborate feasts and joie-de-vivre!

1. Bouillabaisse

This is a classic food for those who visit Marseille and its surroundings — we promise you boullabaisse is one of the tastiest dishes you’ll try there! You will also realize that this seafood stew is prepared and eaten in a specific way: first you go with the broth, then the rest!

It can be served as the main course or just an starter, both options are totally acceptable! And what about the ingredients? This fish soup requires at least four different types of fresh fish, clams, lobsters, tomatoes, garlic and loads of spices such as saffron, cayenne, garlic and herbs! It depends on the cook, but one rule that cannot be broken is that ingredients need to be fresh!

French Dish Bouillabaisse
French Bouillabaisse

2. Tapenade

Do you feel like having an apéritif after a swim in the French coast and before having lunch? Well, something you cannot miss is tapenade, one of the most exquisite and light starters!

Already prepared during the Roman civilization, this dish consists of an olive dip or purée made of black olives, capers, garlic, anchovies and olive oil! It is also accompanied with bread or croutons, for you to spread on or dip in! Mouthwatering, right?

French Table with Black Olives and Tapenade
French Tapenade

3. Salade Niçoise

During summer it is normal to prefer light, healthy and refreshing foods — no worries, we’ve got you covered! If you are one of those, Salade Niçoise is a colourful and complete dish that, although it may seem easy to prepare, it has all the needed ingredients for it to a complete and nutritious lunch!

As it happens in almost every recipe, there are many ways to prepare it, but there are some ingredients that this salad should contain: anchovies, green beans, boiled eggs, black olives, tomatoes and lettuce. Refreshing, isn’t it?

French Salade Niçoise with Boiled Eggs and Anchovies
French Salade Niçoise

Croatia: keep it simple!

Unlike the continental area, where there are more meat dishes, on the Croatian coast you will find dishes based on fish, vegetables and lots of seasonings. When sailing the Adriatic waters, do not forget to dock at the port and please your palate with the best taste experience! Why not daring to try some of its most popular dishes?

1. Crni Rizot

Very influenced by its Italian neighbors, Crni Rizot is one dish that you will find in every Croatian restaurant or bar, but especially on those near the Dalmatian shoreline! If you are a seafood lover, this is a must-try, for it has a strong flavor and smell!

It essentially consists of a squid ink risotto, which makes it black. It also contains other seafood such as clams, cuttlefish and mussels. And well, as it happens with almost every Mediterranean dish, loads of seasonings! It will enchant your taste buds for sure!

Black Risotto Dish Squid Table
Croatian Crni Rizot

2. Shrimps na buzaru

In the coast of Croatia, there is a special method to cook seafood that is carried on from generation to generation. This traditional cooking way is called buzara, and it uses white wine, bread crumbs, parsley and garlic — tomatoes are sometimes used to add a slight splash of color!

Although it seems simple, it is one of the most appetizing ways to eat crustaceans and shellfish! Try them in your next boat vacation and you’ll see we’re right!

Shrimps na buzaru with Tomatoe
Croatian Shrimps na buzaru

3. Soparnik

For those who love dough and vegetables, Soparnik is the perfect combination of both! This savory pie was actually declared cultural heritage of Croatia by the Croatian Ministry of Culture. So, there is no excuse for not giving it a try! In fact, there is also a yearly festival in which the locals compete to prepare the best variation of the Soparnik (it is held in July, in case you’re wondering!)

Regarding the ingredients, it is economical and delish — maybe this is the reason of its popularity! It is a combination of chard, onion, parsley and dough. Some other versions may include dried fruits, nuts… and even caramel!

Soparnik with Chard and Dough
Croatian Soparnik

Turkey: delicious combinations!

Although Turkey is well-known for its kebab (which is, by the way, delicious), there is much more to be discovered in such a beautiful country! As you’ll probably stay near the coastline during your boat charter around Turkey, you’ll have the opportunity to dig into the seafood cuisine! Are you ready to know which are the most mouth-watering dishes?

1. Cilbir

For those whose cuisine is far from the Turkish one, this may seem an unusual combination! But when cooked right, we can assure you this is an exquisite dish made of the simplest ingredients: yoghurt, paprika and poached eggs! Some other local variations may also include butter, black pepper, cumin, and/or garlic sauce. For an extra spicy touch, add also chili flakes!

Cilbir: Eggs, Yogurt and Paprika
Turkish Cilbir

2. Pide

When it comes to variety and flavours, pide is the ideal dish for you can have as many toppings as you can imagine! This pizza is a flatbread baked in a oven with an egg on top! Other toppings range from meat such as pastrami or sucuk, to vegetables, herbs and cheese!

Other local variants may be simpler, for they just include cheese, spinach, or mincemeat. There are also some differences in the way its prepared, for some of them are cooked over a griddle.

Turkish Pide Pizza with Meat Closeup view from above
Turkish Pide

3. Coffee and delight

There is no other way to finish both this post and your boat holiday than with the most aromatic coffee in all Mediterranean! Turkish coffee, strongly influenced by the Arab world, is usually served at the end of a meal and it frequently comes with a delicate cube of jelly lokum. It can be of many flavors, colors and shapes, although the most common is made of sugar and/or coconut.

Turkish coffee and delight on a blue table
Turkish coffee and delight

As you’ve seen, wherever your next boat adventure takes you, you’ll have plenty of delish options to indulge yourself with! Do not hesitate more and dare to explore the most appetizing features and corners of culture! Sailing to new destinations and exploring new horizons is part of this journey!

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