TOP 5 Best Foods of the Adriatic

The Adriatic, located between the Balkans and the Italian peninsula, offers a cuisine that mixes the best of the Mediterranean diet with dishes and ingredients more typical of continental Europe. If you have chosen boat rentals in this area or you plan to visit Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro or the east coast of Italy, we suggest you this TOP 5 best foods of the Adriatic so you do not lose any flavor.

1. Orecchiette, Apulia


IMG_5573Credits to Susan Lucas Hoffman

This type of pasta shaped like little ears is typical of the Italian region of Apulia. The sauce or the typical accompaniment of Orecchiette is usually made of vegetables. The traditional recipe includes turnip tops, but it is also commonly found with broccoli.

2. Pršut, Montenegro


Prust by Ralf SmallkaaCredits to Ralf Smallkaa

The Pršut in Croatia, Slovenia and Monetengro, or Prosciutto in Italy, is cured ham. It is served in very thin loaches. The Dalmatian Pršut is usually smoked. And among all varieties and certificates of origin, the Njeguski Pršut of Montenegro, produced in the town of Njeguši, is a must. A few kilometers away from the Bay of Kotor and the Adriatic, this ham is cured by taking advantage of the sea and the mountain breezes, and the aroma of burnt wood.

3. Salata od hobotnice (Octopus salad), Croacia

Salata od hobotnice by Roberta FCredits to Roberta F

The inner part of Croatia has the kulen as signature dish, a red and powerful cold cut. But in the maritime area the main ingredients of the local cuisine include fish and shellfish, and octopus salad (Salata od hobotnice) is one of the most delicious meals of the Dalmatian Coast. The octopus is cut into slices and may be accompanied by chickpeas, tomato, onion, garlic, parsley, olives or other ingredients.

4. Potica, Eslovenia

Potica by Kaja AvberšekCredits to Kaja Avberšek 

The Potica is a sweet cake filled with nuts that is usually eaten as a dessert or for breakfast on Easter or Christmas in Slovenia. Typically, it is filled with nuts, but it may come in many varieties. Apart from Slovenia, it is a typical dish of the Slavic cuisine, and it is also baked in Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and even in Turkey or the United States.

5. Polenta, Véneto

Polenta by JenniferCredits to Kaja Avberšek

Although today it is consumed in many countries, the Polenta is originally from northern Italy. It is a porridge made with cornmeal that can be served grilled, baked or fried, as the Polenta shown in the picture above.


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