Top 5 Sailing Apps – Part II

In the previous blog post about the best sailing apps, we promised that we’d published another post on the same topic soon. And here we are with other five apps for sailors and boaters that you will find extremely useful during your sailing holidays.

1. Aye Tides

Aye Tides App - best sailing apps


Price: IOS $7.99

AyeTides displays tides and currents for over 12,500 locations worldwide and unlike many other tide apps, it does not require a network connection. See sunrise, moonrise, etc., and how the tides respond to the moon. Unfortunately, its is not available on Android devices, but it is available in two versions: AyeTides on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and AyeTides XL on the iPad. It is free of ads and available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese, Spanish.

2. Knot Guide

Knot Guide app


Price: Free for iOS and Android. For ad-free version: Knots Guide Pro

For knots lovers, this is the best app: it teaches, step by step, how to make up to one hundred different knots, according to their types and utilities. It is easy to follow and plenty of knot types to choose from, 92 to precise divided into 10 categories: bend, binding, climbing, decorative, fishing, hitch, looping, running, stopper, whipping.

3. Garmin Activecaptain

GarminActivecaptain app

Price: Android and IOS. Free + in-app purchases

Garmin Activecaptain connects to Garmin chartplotter, charts, maps, provides unlimited access to the user’s cartography. However, it has not been designed for use as a standalone navigation application, thus you can’t use it if you have another plotter other than Garmin. You can interact with the ActiveCaptain community and receive updated information on marinas, routes, and other points of interest.

4. MarineTraffic ship position

Marine Traffic App


Price: Android 4,99 € – IOS 5,49

Using the largest network of land-based AIS receivers, this app displays near real-time positions of ships and yachts worldwide. It is useful for checking other vessels are around you, especially in areas of heavy shipping, including shipping lanes, harbour entrances and busy ports. Among its functions, you can view live wind and 48-hour WIND FORECASTS on the map and manage your list of vessels.

5. Anchor Watch

Marine Traffic App - best sailing apps

Price: Free IOS and Android

The function of this app is to monitor the current GPS position of devices and alert if needed. It is an alarm that informs if the location of the device changes (too much) from the set anchor. You can also set the option to receive an instant message or an email. It is suggested to charge the device while using the app, as it uses GPS and consumes battery a bit fast than other apps.

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