TOP10 Best Mediterranean Marinas (part 1)

Along the Mediterranean and its adjacent seas (Aegean, Adriatic …) there are hundreds of ports and marinas. They are of different sizes, shapes and capacities, but they all have their own charm. We have selected our favorites and we show them to you in this TOP10 Best Mediterranean Marinas. The classification corresponds to several criteria such as location, architecture and the price and number of berths. This is the first part of our list.

10. Lefkas Marina (Lefkas Island, Greece)


The last place of our TOP10 Best Mediterranean Marinas is for Lefkas Marina, one of the most important ones in Greece. Technically, this marina is located in the Ionian Sea, on the island of Lefkada. It has capacity for 620 boats up to 45 meters long. From this marina you can sail the west coast of Greece and the Ionian Islands, and discover the beautiful white sand beaches of the island.

9. Limassol Marina (Limassol, Cyprus)


Limassol Marina, in Cyprus, is one of the most modern marinas in the Mediterranean. It opened in 2014 and has an original design of small artificial islands won from the sea. In the same facility there are villas, apartments and other properties where sailors can enjoy their vacations. It has 650 berths, and some of them allow yachts up to 110 meters.

8. Port de Bonifacio (Bonifacio, Corsica Island, France)


We present now one of the most geographically spectacular Mediterranean marinas: Bonifacio Port. It is one of the most popular French ports located at the base of the cliffs on the island of Corsica. It has 150 berths for boats up to 75 meters long.

7. Çeşme Marina (Izmir, Turkey)

Izmir is one of the most important coastal cities of southern Turkey and has the great Çeşme Marina. It can harbor up to 400 boats with a maximum length of 60 meters. It is strategically in the center of the Turkish Aegean coast and medium to large yachts can sail from here to relatively nearby places like Crete, Kos, Bodrum or Mykonos.

6. ACI Marina Split (Split, Croatia)

Split Marina, of the Croatian ACI group, is considered the best marina in Croatia (and the most expensive one) and one of the best ports in Europe. This is why it is ranked 6th on our list. It has 355 berths, some up to 90 meters, and all facilities on land. Mooring here can cost over 2,000 euros a day. Split is the capital of the Dalmatian Coast, one of the most fashion places for vacation or sailing.


You can check the second part of the TOP10 Best Mediterranean Marinas.

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