TOP10 Best Mediterranean Marinas (part 2)

Sailing in the Mediterranean is always a wonderful experience, and along this sea you can find exclusive marinas that will make you fall in love. We present the second part of our TOP10 Best Mediterranean Marinas list. We have chosen these positions based on many characteristics, including the price of the berth, the location and the construction of the port. Do not miss our number 1, it is truly spectacular.

5. Marina Port Vell (Barcelona, Spain)

Port Vell by Richardjo53

 (credits to Richardjo53)

The Port Vell (Old Port) is in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe and one of the most visited in the world. Barcelona hosts this marina managed by OneOcean. It has 148 moorings and it can berth superyachts up to 190 meters. The marina has a spectacular location, situated behind the Barceloneta beach. This means that when you moor the boat, you are already in the city.

4. Ibiza Magna (Ibiza, Spain)

Ibiza Magna by Alex Kulikov (edited)

  (credits to Alex Kulivkov, edited)

A few meters away from some of the best clubs in the world, like Pacha, there is Ibiza Magna. So this place is worth joining our TOP10 Best Mediterranean Marinas. This marina is at the foot of Dalt Vila, the old part of the city, and it has 85 berths for boats up to 60 meters. The closing parties of the clubs make grow berth bookings and cause skyrocketing prices each September.

3. Port de Saint-Tropez (Saint-Tropez, France)


A mix of traditional French seaside town and exclusive European city, that’s Saint-Tropez. And its port is also one of the most exclusive in the Mediterranean. A berth for larger boats can cost nearly 2,900 euros a day here. It is the largest marina in our list, since it has capacity for 734 boats, separated in two bases. And it can accommodate superyachts up to 75 meters.

2. Marina di Porto Cervo (Porto Cervo, Sardinia Island, Italy)

With 700 berths and capacity for ships up to 100 meters, the Marina di Porto Cervo gets the second place of our TOP10 Best Mediterranean Marinas. It is a place frequented by the Italian jet-set and worldwide celebrities. The main attraction of the area is definitely the beauty of the beaches of Costa Smeralda, with clear sand and transparent waters.

1. Marina di Portofino (Portofino, Italy)

Portofino b IK's World Trip

(credits to IK’s World Trip)

The highest position in our list is for the Marina di Portofino in Liguria. It is not the most expensive in the world but the one that best combines exclusivity and luxury with the beauty of the landscape and traditional Italian architecture. Berthing here can cost up to 3,400 euros a day. It has a very low capacity of 16 berths up to 40 meters, which makes it win exclusivity.

You can check here the numbers 6-10 of our TOP10 Best Mediterranean Marinas.

-header by John Fowler (edited)  (license)

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