TOP10 Best Sailing Apps (part 2)

Do you know the basic regulations of sailing? Do you want to check the weather and the wind that is going to be during your vacation? Are you looking for tools to enjoy on board? We present you the second part of our TOP10 Best Sailing Apps, with the places 5 to 1. All are free, so no excuses.

5. IMO Collision Regulation

Free. Android


racing rules iconracing rules

This App includes the complete rules to prevent collisions at sea. This is useful if you are sailing alone, but also if you go with a captain or skipper and you want to get involved a little bit more.

4. Windfinder

Free version and PRO payment version (€2,39). Android and IOS
racing rules iconracing rules

Windfinder offers the forecast for waves and wind, in addition of the weather. It is our choice in the TOP 10 Best Sailing Apps as a guide for you to know the wind when you sail.

3. Sky Map

Free. Android and IOS

racing rules iconracing rules

For long nights on deck. Sky Map lets you orient yourself in the sky. You can find stars, planets and other elements of the universe and have a guide at night.

2. Accuweather

Free. Android and IOS

racing rules iconracing rules

Many of us already have it on our smartphones. Accuweather allows you to know every detail of the weather anywhere in the world and the forecast for the next few days.

1. Google Earth

Free. Android and IOS

racing rules iconracing rules

A classic at #1 of our TOP 10 Best Sailing Apps. With Google Earth you can not only be on the ground. You can also guide at sea, find out where ports and berths are, have a complete guide to the coast … Sea at your fingertips.

Here you can check here the places 6-10 of the TOP10 Best Sailing Apps.

– Credits of the logos and images of the apps to Google Inc.,, Sky Map Devs, Windfinder, Bitmetric Technologies, jRuston Apps, Neptuns Apps, Boatbook, Electric Pocket and US Sailing. All the images used above have only an informative purpose on this blog, not a commercial one.

– Credits of the header image to Glenn3095 under the CC attribution license.

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