Unexplored Caribbean Islands (Part I)

You’d think that there exists such an amount of honeymoons and tour packs in the world that there cannot be any new place to discover in the Caribbean. However, apart from the favorite tourist places crowded of people, there are some unknown places which are well worth too in the Caribbean islands.

However, to reach these remote locations you will need maybe to catch a plane, you may not find 5 star all inclusive hotel and even have to share your trip with some animals. But we can propose a plan that cannot fail, you can sail on a yacht or even a catamaran from sunrise to sunset, free as the wind to the most amazing places in the Caribbean.

Terre-de -Haut , Santos Islands, French Antillas

Terre-de-Haut is an island the size of Rio, with fine sandy beaches and its own mountain cliff. Most visitors in this island in front of Guadeloupe are mostly French. The island, which has two square kilometers, is one of eight islands that make up the so-called Islas de los Santos. The island is crescent-shaped and has a picturesque harbor. The main town is Le Bourg, surrounded by white houses topped with red tile roofs.

Attractions: One way to know is to ask the locals how to get to a bar Chez Cécile popularly known as Los Cocos. In this place there will always be mai tais (refreshing cocktail) and accras (Creole donut) freshly prepared. If what you want is to eat something more elaborated but following the Creole tradition, we recommend the Auberge Les Petits Saints aux Anacardiers restaurant where you can enjoy smoked fish overlooking the beautiful harbor.

Getting there: Fly from San Juan (Puerto Rico) and gets a ferry to the island in about 40 minutes. Or if you like to sail you can arrive from Florida on your sailboat.

Carriacou, Grenada

This island of 13 km2 made ​​headlines in the early 1980s because Cuban military went there looking for smuggled weapons. Currently, it has been mostly forgotten as a recommended place to go, but we want to include it in our list. This small island is mostly inhabited by fishermen and boat builders, despite being small is able to have more than 100 different rum shops, where a new client is always welcome.

Attractions: The favorite drink of this island is the locally produced rum Iron Jack. A good way to have fun is to dance their traditional dance called Big Drum. If you want to see boat builders, we recommend the city of Barlovento (Windward). If you prefer to observe the fishing activities of the island, the city par excellence is Bogles. Or if you simply want to enjoy the sunset, go to Anse, where you can find a beautiful sandy beach and a nice coral reef.

Getting there: Fly from Miami to Grenada. Or you can get to fall in fall with your sailboat, yacht, gulet or catamaran.

Do you want further information? So far the first publication of unexplored Caribbean Islands selection… next week more and better!

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