Unexplored Caribbean Islands (Part II)

We continue showing you some of the most amazing Caribbean islands. Have you thought about doing a trip to the Caribbean and want something different? Do you want ideas and dream of a trip to a paradise? This is your post!

Culebra, Puerto Rico

The third part of this island is a natural haven that annually is visited by more than 50,000 seabirds given its richness in tropical forests and grasslands. If we focus on the human visitors, Playa Flamenco is the favorite meeting point for Puerto Ricans who live in Culebra. When you take a drink of rum and you join the festivities and local dances, you will understand why it is one of the best kept secrets in Puerto Rico.

Attractions: On this island there are two places, competing in popularity, sharing drinks and laughs with their inhabitants. One is the Mommy, where cocktails are always waiting for their next customer. The other is the Dinghy Dock, where the particular set of locals make you feel at home. If instead you are tired of the noise and partying, rent a taxi to get from Dewey, the main town of the island, to the island of Culebra in a 40-minute drive . There, Playa Tortuga will make you feel as if it had always been part of the landscape.

Getting there: Fly from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Culebra (about 30 minutes). You can also go by ferry from Fajardo on the east of Puerto Rico (90 minutes).

Anegada, British Virgin Islands

Anegada is unusually different from the rest: green, with penetrating clouds and almost flat topology, for these reasons it has earned the nickname “Odd Virgin” (translation: quirky Virgin). This island is inaccessible by large coastal reefs. Therefore, Anegada has that peculiar attractive “castaway”.

Attractions: On the beach Lobolly Bay, on the northeast coast, we can enjoy diving watching a large coral reef. In addition to finding some juicy lobsters, main course on the island. Some of the most popular restaurants of the island are the Cow Wreck Beach Resort and the Big Bamboo in Lobolly Bay Beach specializing in fresh lobster.
Getting there: Fly from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Anegada (45 minutes). Or, if you are already in British Virgin Island, get the ferry from Tortol. This trip takes place three times a week and it takes one hour of duration.

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Want to know more about the paradise islands that await us in the Caribbean? Caribbean islands continue discovering you more in the next release. Keep reading us!

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