Unexplored Caribbean Islands (Part III)

Today we will end this series of posts dedicated to the most remote islands in the Caribbean of which you will enjoy both them peace as them exoticism and them people.

St. Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles

This is an 8 km2 island, commonly known as Statia. Formerly it is remembered as a great friend and ally of the United States of America, in fact, in 1776, they were the first foreigner country to recognize it as a state. Currently, it is an example of what the Caribbean dream means, the place to be and eat, to discover history and enjoy underwater views practicing diving.
What to do: In Gallow Bay, in Smoke Alley Bar & Grill you can enjoy a special menu including large burgers. If you like diving, you can make it in the National Marine Park of St. Eustatius, just all around the coast.
How to arrive: Renting a sailboat from Saint Martin the cruiser can last three hours and the arrival on the island is incredible, if you rent a yacht time is reduced by almost half.

Salt Cay, Caicos and Turkas Islands

This island has not changed much over time from the production of sea salt and you can still see the hand of man in the construction of salt flat on the north coast of the island, even though it happened a few decades ago. For years on this island is talked about creating a resort that occupies much of the island, however, and far away from these rumors, its people continue their own peaceful lifestyle.
What to do: On the coast of this island, during the migration period from December to April, you can watch humpback whales moving to the south. In addition to these exciting views, you can also enjoy excursions and share a little of the history of the island visiting the salt flat. For better meet the locals, you can not avoid to go to the Porter Island Thyme restaurant, Salt Clay social center in the harbor.
How to arrive: Fly to Providenciales (main island of Caicos and Turkas Islands) and then fly to Salta Clay (25 minutes approx.) or choose the most appropriate type to travel at your own pace and remember that in BoatBureau we have more than 3000 boats, sailing yacht, yachts, catamarans and gulets in Caribbean waiting for you. If you don’t find the boat you want, contact our team. They will find it for you!

Here it is our selection of unexplored Caribbean Islands. We hope you enjoyed and that you’ve decided to visit some of these islands thanks to these posts.

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