What I put in my suitcase to come aboard?

Many people often ask us about what kind of boat is best suited for them, for their route and trip. But once you have rented a boat, have a clear itinerary, the ports that will moore, have checked the state of the sea and that the good weather accompany them, then many people ask us: what do we have to bring in the suitcase?

The truth is that this is a very good question, is not the same going on vacation in a hotel that going on a boat. That is why we are going to give you some tips for preparing the perfect luggage to go sailing.

1 – Not all suitcases work

These beautiful and comfortable luggage with wheels, compact and elegant are perfect for entering to a hotel but not works well to board on boats. Best is a collapsible bag or backpack.
Nothing happens if it gets wet and above all that can be folded to tuck into any corner we find in the boat in order not to take up much space.
And we took the opportunity to say that the luggage should be light. I mean, we do not have much room on the boat and also go most of the time wearing a swimsuit. Therefore, it is forbidden to bring all clothes you have in your closet.

2 – Protect the head

When we get out to sea, there is no shade to shelter us. And as the sun gets and we do not want trouble, we need to protect ourselves. Mandatory therefore a cap, sunglasses and sunscreen.

3 – T-shirt, the “Top” garment.

They take up little space and look great: short-sleeved shirts should prevail in our luggage. Furthermore, we can even buy a T-shirt souvenir at the port we visit. If cooling, it is always good to have a shirt sleeve. Some more jersey in case it is cold and a sports jacket as a last resort.
Different layers that serve to keep the desired temperature at the adequate time.

4 – Our evening dress. Swimsuit

A couple of swimsuits will be compulsory on board. It’s the garment that we will use most, but better to have a pair in case we have some misfortune or mishap. We can also bring a pair of shorts. Ideal would be those which are long but can be converted to short through practices zippers. So if we walk in the cool night we may use them and if it is hot we can use the short version.

5. – No heels

They are elegant and beautiful, but they are not practical onboard . The first thing we reccomend once you get onboard it’s to take off the footwear and wear flip-flops. If you prefer they can be closed to prevent damage to multiple objects in different corners.

6 -. Accessories

And we’re almost there. Just keep in mind to bring a pair of gloves in order to tie ropes and anchorage without hurthing your hands. And obviously whoever who wants a pajama to sleep, add it in the suitcase! Finally we will be ready to start our adventure at sea, we meet next week, Greetings!

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